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Full Version: Breaking News:Defense & Interior Ministers appointed in
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Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki has appointed a Defense Minister, Interior Minister and National Security Minister to his cabinet and it has been approved by the Iraqi parliament. The main complaint of many liberals has been the fact that after a huge victory in Maliki replacing Jafaari (Iranian symphathizer) there was still political divide amoung Iraqis over the cabinet. Well the cabinet is completely filled now and it went by smoothly thanks to Maliki a true leader.

Maliki has also vowed to dismantle the militias even going to the south in Basra telling people there the militias will be dismantled. The Iraqi people have a true leader on their side now. This same leader has said anyone who follows in Zarqawi's shoes will face the same death as Abu Musab Al Zarqawi.

Check this out,we may be seeing a large strategic change in Iraq,I wish!!!