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Full Version: Interesting Concerns in Turkey
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A few days ago,several men,including 3 Turkish Armed Forces officers were arrested and charged with assasination conspiracy. Below is the first public police input since the arrests. It's a Stratfor blurb.
What is interesting is earlier,Stratfor had an article sort of wondering if the arrests weren't trumped up by Erdogan because the recent murder of a secular judge by an Islamist nutcase started a huge anti clerical revolt in Turkey and he had been seen as advocating more religiosity for Turks.

TURKEY There is no evidence that the nine men arrested May 30 at a home in Ankara, Turkey, were involved in a plot to assassinate Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish police say. They have also found no link between the suspects and the May 17 attacks on the Council of State. A spokesman says police are cooperating with the military on the investigation.