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Full Version: Great Course on Islam and Extremists From Islam
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I think he's onto something,finally I understand what I have been grasping at. Islam sucks,but not all Muslims act out the entire scope of it's harshest points. This guy documents his case well,IMO.

Islam sucks as much as Nazism or Marxism ever did.

I just bookmarked the site for future reference.

What is so good about this internet thing is that information is so readily available and things, such as this, only help defeat or change, things as they stand.

I suspect that Islam will either be making a sweeping change in the coming years, or it will simply begin withering away. Exposure to the light of day tends to do this.

If information was all we needed,the religion would already be gone. It isn't unfortunately. We need a change in mental attitude of man towards the real God and that doesn't happen based simply on impirical evidence.

It does seem logical what you say,but unfortunately,logic isn't what leads a man to worship a god that a warlord from Arabia gave us.

Anyway,this guy has finally stated what I have tried to,but couldn't really grasp. Islam does suck,but not all Muslims carry out the darkest trash it teaches.

I think this corroborates my view that Osama and Zarqawi are GOOD MUSLIMS from the Islamic viewpoint. Mohammad would have been proud of them .