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Full Version: We Owe Honor and Thanks to These Canadian Soldiers
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I think Ahk from IAP is in this regiment and is over there. Their nation has not really given these volunteers much support in the last several decades,yet they serve. My hat is off to these neighbors of ours and to Harper who dispatched them.

I was disappointed to read of the weak leadership of the un named US Army battalion alluded to in the article.

They serve even while their country does not support them. Its men like these we should accept into our country. Not a bunch of.... well I'll stick to the topic :lol:

Thankyou Canadian soldiers. Your country does not deserve you.

I agree with your sentiments,but the truth is we are as undeserving of the sacrifices of our soldiers. It's always the case,always was,even during the Revolutionary War. The thin blue line.
Another nice article. These Canucks are fighting the good fight. I just wonder as they do,why are the Taliban so determined to duke it out?

I am guessing they are mislead by their previous successes when they came to power and they think allah has it ready for another victory.

Hope I;m right,this means many more will die much sooner at the end of an infidel weapon