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Full Version: Russian - Chinese War Games Begin
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Russian - Chinese War Games

They still remain "wary" of each other, yet they are willing to get together and be buddies in war games? Wouldn't shared things like this show a bit much to the participants, even more worrying if it is someone you have reason to be "wary" of?
This is the part where I send James Bond in to steal a tank and use it to fire on an enemy tank, throw a cigarette into a conveniently placed stack of oil barrels, jump into an Russian fighter and shoot down 4 Chinese aircraft and get rid of the evil woman sidekick in the backseat as all hell breaks loose behind him and then say something witty.

What is interesting is that the Beeb appears to be taking an honest approach in this article. Too bad they can't do likewise in other areas.

The Beeb probably views China as a real problem to leftist pluralism,they probably do not see Islamism as a real deadly problem,thus the difference in attitudes.