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Full Version: French Voted Most Rude and Boring on Earth
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Quote:French are rudest, most boring people on earth: British poll

Sat May 20, 3:00 AM ET

LONDON (AFP) - The French have been voted the world's most unfriendly nation by a landslide in a new British poll published. They were also voted the most boring and most ungenerous.

A decisive 46 percent of the 6,000 people surveyed by travellers' website Where Are You Now (WAYN) said the French were the most unfriendly nation people on the planet, British newspapers reported.

The Germans have no to reason to celebrate the damning verdict. They came second on all three counts.

WAYN's French founder, Jerome Touze, told the papers he had been stunned by the thumping condemnation of his compatriots and sought to blame it on Gallic love-struck sulking.
Gosh, I've know this for decades now. All it took was one trip to Paris in 1966 with a couple of my friends who lived in Baumholder with me.
I am a bit suspicious, as it is a British poll. I'd be shocked if we didn't put our ancestral enemies first.
Muneris Wrote:I am a bit suspicious, as it is a British poll. I'd be shocked if we didn't put our ancestral enemies first.

I remember, even back in the 60s how the French were referred to as they are today. The Stars And Stripes magazine once printed out a comparrison in an article, of the Europeans.

They described the Spanish as being obscessed with death, the women always walking around in black to mourn one family member or another. The Brits as having horrible food, the Germans competitive to the point of not letting you pass them on the autobahn, the Italians as being crazy and loving every minute of it, and the French as being crazy also, but being indignant about it.

I think that best describes them. they are indignant about almost Everything. S1
I know little about any European,but a Dutch friend who owned a crib in France told me that he feels French folks are "nasty" with their attitudes.