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Full Version: Iran's Shiite Empire has Always Mistreated "Others&quot
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A muslim is a Muslim is a Muslim.

Excellent Article.
Time for Americans to open their eyes,this religion is a transcript for tyranny and the worst news is it is permanent tyranny for the men who gave their eternal souls over to an 8th century Arab warlord.
Wh could run in American politics with this kind of stance? CAIR and the UN would never allow it...
None here,I'm just pointing out the Zarqawis and Bin laden's of today have their antecendents in Islamic history. MOHAMMAD was the first Islamic terrorist for example.

Here is a hilarious thing,much of the Koran is lifted from the TALMUD,what a hoot! These "morally superior" Muslims are really cheap imitators of religious Jews they despise.

Page down to C2 "Talmudic Sources in the Koran".