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Full Version: Read about the Ultra Religious Muslim Group in Pakistan
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They are not corrupt like we westerners. A "pure Islamic village". Just like the Taliban and the Pharisees of Israel before them,whitewashed tombs full of dead men's bones. Placed in international politics because these ravening satan worshippers chose to mess with us.

You seem outraged Patrick. Surely you don't think that this is something new going on?

But seriously, does it matter to them what religion the little boys happen to be? Or is it just that they are little boys and traffic for the slave trade first?

Either way, it is terrible and makes me wonder what could posess any adult to do such a terrible thing.
I would imagine they prefer to rape non Sunni Muslims,but knowing this bunch,they'd trade their own kids for cash as well. Yea,I'm outraged.

If this happened every day for 10 million years,I'd be outraged. I'll get over it and pray for deliverance from this evil.

The thing that grabs my attention here is the ultra "religious" paradigm.

They are so superior to we infidels,yet they are the devil's children,just as Christ called the Pharisees. Here are ultra religious Muslims whose role models were ultra religious Jews.

Something about that is real humorous to me.