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Full Version: Israeli forces storm 2 Gaza settlement synagogues
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Things are getting pretty intense in Gaza

Quote: By Mark Heinrich and Jonathan Saul

NEVE DEKALIM, Gaza Strip (Reuters) - Israeli troops stormed two Gaza Strip synagogues and dragged out screaming settlers and supporters on Thursday in assaults on the last bastions of resistance to a pullout from the occupied territory.

Hundreds of unarmed soldiers and police swept into the main house of worship in the largest Gaza settlement, Neve Dekalim, ending a two-day standoff with more than a thousand ultranationalist youths who had defied orders to leave.

Amid scenes of chaos on the second day of forced evacuation, protesters chanting "A Jew doesn't expel a Jew" locked arms and legs lying on the ground, and teams of four soldiers had to pry them loose one by one before carrying them to waiting buses.

I never would have envisioned Israelis doing this to their own people. Any thoughts on the matter?
The authorities were smart to disarm the soldiers and police before sending them in. Any shooting, and the government could have fallen over it.
Yes,they have done this before back in about 1980,returning the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt,they forcibly evicted Jews back then,too.

Oddly enough,Israel never has held Gaza as part of Israel,not even in Biblical days. Look at a Bible,Gaza is named "PHILISTINES" area.

I personally think Palestinians are Philistines literally,not figuratively,but lots disagree. It was once a lush and beautiful area.

There are 2 ways of viewing the Gaza pullout. Some say it is handing radical Islam that region. My view is it relieves the IDF of having to protect the settlers and if serious security problem incur,the IDF can blast the whole freaking place,whereas in the past they had to consider their own citizens first.