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Full Version: AQ in Iraq getting worried
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excellent news.

Quote:Disorganization Worries al-Qaida in Iraq

By TAREK EL-TABLAWY Associated Press Writer
© 2006 The Associated Press
BAGHDAD, Iraq — Al-Qaida in Iraq is concerned about disorganization within its cells in the Baghdad area, with one extremist describing them as simply a "daily annoyance" to the Iraqi government, according to documents released Monday by the U.S. military. The military said the documents were seized during April 16 raids in the Youssifiyah area, 12 miles south of the capital. The documents indicate the group is worried that its forces are unable to secure solid footholds within Baghdad, U.S. military officials said.
Notably absent from the documents were the usual derogatory references to Shiites as heretics, and the Americans as either "crusaders" or "occupation forces" _ language common to most militant postings that appear on the Internet.
"This information confirms what the government of Iraq, coalition forces and ultimately the people of Iraq already know _ that al-Qaida in Iraq's role only attempts to impede Iraqis in following the road to prosperity, security and national unity," U.S. military spokesman Brig. Gen. Rudy Wright said in a statement.
In one document as released by the U.S., an unidentified al-Qaida member writes that the influence and power of Iraq's Shiite majority cannot be taken lightly, especially in Baghdad, "particularly when the power of the ministries of Interior and Defense is given to them, compared to the power of the mujahedeen" in the city.
The document says that the Baghdad cells are capable of only "hit and run" operations, leading the public to conclude that "the Shiites are stronger in Baghdad and nearer to controlling it, while the mujahedeen ... are not considered more than a daily annoyance to the Shiite government."
Release of the documents appears part of a U.S. campaign to deflate the image of al-Qaida in Iraq and its leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The documents were released four days after the U.S. military aired what it said were clips cut from a previously released al-Qaida in Iraq video which showed a bumbling al-Zarqawi fumbling with an unfamiliar, American-made machine gun.
The version of the tape posted on the Web showed al-Zarqawi as a confident, skilled warrior.
The other document released Monday outlined the group's strategy in Baghdad. It said al-Qaida should focus on the capital while reducing attacks on Sunni areas "in order to reduce pressure on the Sunnis ... while cleansing (Sunni areas) of spies and Shiites."
U.S. military officials have said that militants are expected to mount more attacks in Baghdad as lawmakers struggle to form the country's first democratically elected national unity government _ a process that has been rife with sectarian and ethnic tension mirroring the violence around Iraq.
Focusing on Baghdad, as explained by the strategy document, would force the U.S. military to shift resources there and allow militants to regroup in their traditional bases, including Anbar province, which includes the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi. It also reiterates al-Zarqawi's long-stated goal of targeting the country's majority Shiites.
But the strategy document complains that "the strength of the brothers in Baghdad" is based mostly on car bombs and "groups of assassins lacking any organized military capabilities."
The writer complains that the Americans and the Iraqi government forces "were able to absorb our painful blows," raise new recruits and "take control of Baghdad as well as other areas, one after the other."
"This is why every year is worse than the previous year, as far as the mujahedeen's control and influence over Baghdad," the document said.
It also charged that the major Sunni groups _ the Iraqi Islamic Party and the clerical Association of Muslim Scholars _ have "anesthetized" the Sunni population. It warned that "we will have a problem" if the government succeeds in raising all-Sunni army units.
Insurgents have recently targeted recruits from the first all-Sunni unit, killing at least seven of them in two separate attacks last week.
"Either we let them go beyond the limits, or fight them and risk inciting the Sunnis against us through the channels of the party and the association," the document says.
Clearly the terrorists are not willing to go away without a fight. Yet as time goes by, the amount of damage they are able to inflict on the allied forces is getting less and less. Most of the damage is being done against innocent civilians, and this only hurts them more.

I think that by the time we start pulling out, we will really not be needed there, just as we had planned.
Hope springs eternal in an old man's heart.
We will be there for decades, pushing in the dyke against civil war.
must you always push your homosexual agenda, TQ? S6

regardless, note how they are aware that they are only an annoyance to the Govt.
ghoullio Wrote:must you always push your homosexual agenda, TQ? S6

regardless, note how they are aware that they are only an annoyance to the Govt.

I think he is tweaking your nose there G. Wink1
mm, it was a joke.


get it?

In the context above,

Dyke and Dike are alternate spellings which may both refer to:

Dike (construction), a long wall built to keep out the sea or enclose land or generally to enclose or separate land

No, I don't think Condie is a dyke. (Different context, see how that works?) Amazing language, English.
no ownder you Lefties are so stressed out! your humor circuits are broken.


back to the article: we are kicking ass AND taking names.

good job, USA.
This war stuff excites you, doesn't it?
Do you watch all that sports stuff too on tv alot?
i wish i had more time to watch sports.

no, war doesn't excite me. but if we are going to do it, we might as well do it right.
Actually, war excites Me! It was even a bigger rush than skydiving. You KNEW you were alive, when you were in the middle of it.

Ahh, the Rush. Sometimes the excitement is worth the danger.
i have met a whole host of differing attitudes form soldiers. most of them like their job, like the mission, and support our country. there are a few who hate this war, but oddly enough, it is becuase we are not executing it properly. they do not see how we can allow the Terrorists safe harbor in neighboring countries. some of them will tell me that they are not allowed to fire at certain objects, or that on certain days; their activities are hamstrung due to religious respect.

VERY FEW of them dislike the war for political reasons; they seem to know why they signed up and what for.

the only faith i have in this country rests in the Men and Women in uniform.
I think a close study of both situations will prove Afghanistan is where we are failing,not Iraq. In Iraq,we're slaughtering the terrs. Yes,they can create violence,but there isn't the first shred of evidence they can go beyond nihilistic violence.

In Afghanistan,they're going to win back that nation if something serious isn't done. Ask ANY soldier recently in Afghanistan,the bad guys are winning if they operated in a southern province. Michael Yon says so as well below.
Here's an AP article concerning recent AQ documents found in Baghdad.

They think they are in dire straits,moreso every day. Why do Americans think otherwise?


Here's the translated document itself

Al Qaeda misunderestimated Dubya. :lol:
John L Wrote:Actually, war excites Me! It was even a bigger rush than skydiving. You KNEW you were alive, when you were in the middle of it.

Ahh, the Rush. Sometimes the excitement is worth the danger.
Thats an expensive hobby John, and I'd rather not pay for it.
well i am sure he would rathe rnot pay for abortions through public works like Planned Parenthood and pay for this fiasco that is Social Security. come to think of it, theres alot of stuff i wouldnt like to pay for either...
Thaiquila Wrote:
John L Wrote:Actually, war excites Me! It was even a bigger rush than skydiving. You KNEW you were alive, when you were in the middle of it.

Ahh, the Rush. Sometimes the excitement is worth the danger.
Thats an expensive hobby John, and I'd rather not pay for it.

Almost any thing that is exciting is expensive. I have enjoyed skiing, and skydiving, and both were expensive. Combat is expensive in that it can cost lives. But it is the ultimate rush, when that round passes by your head, traveling faster than the speed of sound, leaving that high pitched "CRACK", the adreneline ramps up and the "Pucker Factor" elevates to a high number.

It's a REAL Buzz. It is afterward that is not the best time in the world. The chemical letdown is draining. Personally, I'm too old for all that excitement. If I had to do it again, I would choose not to participate, once I found out what I was made of. But I know that I will never fear the gun again. There are more important things than being afraid for your safety, in my opinion anyway. Wink1
I am glad for you.
To an outsider, it sounds pathological.
Thaiquila Wrote:I am glad for you.
To an outsider, it sounds pathological.

I don't know if you could call it that. It is an addiction to adrenaline, that's all. Adrenaline is one of the most powerful drugs out there. It is more powerful thatn cocaine, nicotine, or any other drug. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it hits in a rush, and leaves in the same venue. The high only lasts for such a short time, that to enjoy it, one must continue to place one's self in such a position that the 'rush' is turned on by hair raising circumstances.

That is why you will see young men riding their motorcycle at extremely high speeds, weaving in and out of traffic on the interstate. It is Soooo exciting. The rush of adrenaline one feels at the moment of exit from the aircraft is great. hitting 100 mph on that motorcycle, knowing that you are only a hair's breath from total destruction is also a tremendous rush.

I am not certain if there are studies on adrenaline addiction, but you would be surprised at the number of people who are addicted to it. You don't think all those people take the bungie cord leap for just the knowledge of what happens, do you?

Quote:Adrenaline Addiction

"Adrenaline addiction is very common. Type-A personalities become addicted to their excessive activity by the stimulation and arousal of adrenaline. People who are constantly angry, fearful, guilty, or worrisome arouse their adrenaline hormone even though they may sit around doing nothing else. People who are excessive in their participation in jogging, exercise, bodybuilding, aerobics, sports, skiing, mountain climbing, car racing or flying…airplanes become addicted because of the adrenaline rush from their activity. They describe the 'rush' they get from their activity and feel depressed when they can't participate for some unexpected reason."

Here is a site on Adrenaline Addiction. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but will. It should be very interesting.
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