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Full Version: Charlie Daniels and Immigration.
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Yeah, I basically also agree with Senor Daniels, but I also blame the hypocritical two faced lawmakers in DC, who want the cheaper labor pool but did not provide a reasonable legal way for the workers to come here.
Now that we have the problem, it is kind of like Iraq, we have to deal with the situation as it is, and deporting 11 million people is not feasible.

I don't think we need to deport 11 million folks. There is a law,passed in the late 1980s that states that employers have serious financial penalties for employing illegal aliens. To date,we've never seen the law enforced for the reason you described above.

When we insist on it being enforced,the employers will be afraid to employ illegals,they will return home and if their labor is needed(and lots of it is) they may return through the legal process later.

It would cause dislocations for the illegal and the employer,but we have to get a handle on this before we lose our nation's soul.