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Full Version: Report on Nazi-Palestinian Ties
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"Arabs love our Fuhrerer". Ain't that a shock.

He actually had muslim units, who were part of the NSDAP. I have seen pictures of them dressed out in their cute little uniform. This is really not new.
I know,but it is timely. Muslims hate Jews,Nazis hated Jews,so of course it's not surprising. However,I thought it timely,let us not forget that Arabic culture is Neo Nazi in nature.

Read one of their papers,any daily,not only Palestinian.
They also have strong marxist ties.

They'll ally themselves with anyone who's willing to sympathize with them.

I think a difference is,SOP for most Arabs is anti semitism.Throw in the Palestinian versus Israel fight and it is intensified.

I agree,they would take help from China or Burma or the Pope,but they have an affinity for Nazi type mentality,not Marxists.