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Full Version: What's With ALL These Kooks?!
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Here is what is amazing. Hamas just can't help telling the world all about their true benevolent Islamic intentions. In front of the press, the peace loving, humane leader of this terrorist organization states that suicide bombing is a "natural right". Pardon Me? Is Islam really that depraved? I'll let you decide for yourself.

Quote:DAMASCUS (AFP) - Hamas supremo Khaled Meshaal has defended Palestinian suicide bombings as a “natural right” while denouncing what he called Washington’s ambitions to dominate the Middle East.

“Our enemies ... don’t understand that a suicide operation ... is a natural right,” the exiled leader told students in Damascus, adding that Palestinians live “under Israeli occupation and have the right to fight and defend themselves”.

So, who in their right mind would even bother to consider supporting such an organization,...........except fellow Muslims? Is you say the “Quartet” guiding the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, YOU WIN!!

Quote:As he prepared to step down this week, James Wolfensohn said that isolating the Palestinian Authority under Hamas could backfire.

“It would surprise me if one could win by getting all the kids out of school or starving the Palestinians,” he said Monday during a press conference with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

The U.S.-led boycott of the Hamas administration does not preclude aid payments to non-governmental organizations working directly with needy Palestinians.

Does anyone here actually think that this is outrageous? Is there anyone here who thinks that Hamas will be grateful, and seek a peaceful resulution to the conflict with Israel?

Believe me,if you took a poll of west Europe,it would show a high minority prefer HAMAS to Jews in Israel.
Palladin Wrote:John,

Believe me,if you took a poll of west Europe,it would show a high minority prefer HAMAS to Jews in Israel.

Well, stupidity and skin colour are not an exclusive indicator.

Did you read the Shelby Steele article on a thread I posted yesterday? He covers this quite well, as in White Guilt, amongst other things.