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Full Version: EU Arrests Islamists
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Pretty extraordinary numbers here. I doubt we've arrested 2 dozen total. Good though.

Quote:The politicians don't want to enrage the 20 million Moslems in their midst. But they do want to lock up the thousands who want to be Islamic terrorists.

This is called either being discrete, or trying to have it both ways. Either way, they are not doing their citizens a real service. if the battle is to be won against radical Islam, then the citizens also must be mobalized.

Europe is going after the tactical, but not the strategic angle here. And wars are won strategically.

Agree entirely. Try to keep quiet that you're arresting a couple of dozen minnie Bin Laden's weekly so you don't "rile up Muslims".

I'm for more than riling up any that would care,I'd be for killing them.

This is one more reason I have such disdain for the entire continent,though lumping them all together is obviously unfair. The east Europeans are way ahead of the western ones in objectivity.