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Full Version: Good Work in Iraq
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Our troops kick butt.
Here's a case of the Iraqis handling a major co-ordinated attack and they seemed to have done well. This appears to have been a huge attack. Our NG troops left Diyala about 5 months ago and the bad guys haven't been able to overwhelm the locals

Tracking down terrorists like the dogs they are.

Our troops are doing a great job training Iraqis. Iraqis are being trained by the best. This is good strategically because in the future Iraqi troops could be used to train troops from other countries in the region incase we need to invade another country, Iran or Syria.

Yes,no one notices that the IA will be our closest ally in the heart of Arabic Islam in the coming decades,do they?

Over time they will emerge as the best military in the region EX the IDF,but it will take a decade to get there. We also will have Arabic speaking "agents" from there as well.
More good work. The IA is slowly increasing in size and talent. This place is definitely a quagmire,but it's not for us. Especially the insurgent groups alluded to in the article are encouraging,it's common sense and their seeing it finally