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Full Version: On The Strange Transformation of Marxism
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Patrick started a thread on another forum yesterday, and I find it to be of such import, that I am starting a thread here on it as well. Here is a book review on The Strange Transformation of Marxism, by Paul Gottfried. This could prove to be a seminal work, that marks the realization that Collectivist application has officially made the jump from economic to moral application. Naturally, most of us have been aware of this for years, but the rank and file person may not be. Sometimes it requires only a child to remind us that the King is wearing no clothing.

Anyway, there are so many great points to the review, that I simply MUST have the book to read.

Further, here is what I stated on Patrick's thread as well. I highly recommend that you read the review. It will make some of you want to rush out and snatch up the work for your own furthering education of all things Collectivist.


Patrick, that is a monumental article, and I greatly enjoyed it! I believe that there are some points there that are well worth noting.

First, he correctly states that the shift of Marxism from economic to moral fronts, and is entirely is accurate. And it is correct that Marxism is an economic system via Marx. However, Marx has been changed by his followers over time. That is why I use the word "Collectivist" instead, as it is more accurate and descriptive.

Just as water seeks it's lowest point and will always gravitate to the path of least resistence, the economic one is no longer the easiest to change, as it has been proven over and over not to work. Except for some hangers-on, the agrument is no longer there. However morally, the fight has been enjoined for some time, and all one has to do is look to both Europe AND the US to see how it is shaking out.

However, my contention is that it too will fail, as it becomes apparant that loss of moral clarity is a sure path to destruction. Europe will eventually realize that Collectivism is NOT the path to equality, fraternity, and well being. the US has already turned the corner, and is moving rapidly back to it's place prior to the New Deal. Look for the privatization of SS, private choice in education, and tax reform in the future, as the US tackles the effects of Collectivism over the past 70+ years. Only time is the issue here.

Further, What is now being described by the reviewer AND arthur, is nothing more than Fascism, which has been the big winner over time, of all the forms of Collectivist application. Fascism(which is also an economic force) will be with us far longer than Marxism, believe me, and the real fight of the century, like that of the last one, will be over it, but Marxism will be out of the picture this time around.

I strongly suggest that those who follow this agrument begin learning to use proper language in order to define the fight. Collectivism, and Fascism are two words that should be used, not necessarily Socialism, which promotes nationalization of the means of production. I note that more and more right wing writers are doing so everyday. Even George Will is part of this growing trend, and it is good to define the enemy correctly so others will see it for what it is.

Anyway, thanks for the thread. I really appreciate this enlightenment.