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Full Version: Tom or Jerry? :lol:
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ag Wrote:funny
Yes, it is. I'm bookmarking this site for future news items.
Check your bookmarks, Solo~. Didn't you bookmark Spengler last month?
WmLambert Wrote:Check your bookmarks, Solo~. Didn't you bookmark Spengler last month?
Yes, but this is Asian News.
What a Profound article! I love Spengler, and this is a great example of why I do. No matter what some may think, this fellow is NOT Henry Kissenger. Wink1
This is one of his better works,imo. I admit to still not fathoming the Islamic mind,but this is a start. Their god has no limits on His conduct.

Mine does,His own character prohibits much.

The only disagreement I have with the thrust of this article is Muslims are not as easily controlled as anyone else. Saddam Hussein controlled his via fear,we can as well,but we sure best get about doing it.
You didn't see my last thread over at IAP then? It's entitled Islam and It's Dysfunctional Behaviour . I used that Spengler article, along with Uncle Orson's as well.

I'm sure Salah appreciated it greatly. Wink1 S6

I haven't retruned since 2112 got on me,have no intentions of returning there.