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Full Version: Winchester Lever Action Rifle Production: Ceased on Friday.
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Winchester to Cease

What a god-damn shame. The Article isn't some cold dry news blip but a good reqium for what was a classic American icon. Worth a read I'd say.

I have a Model 1894 Winchester in .32 Win. Special. I knew it was old and had seen alot by the time my grandfather left it to me, as his father left it to him. My Great-Grandfather, when he left Denmark, mined for gold in the Yukon during the early 1920s before coming to Montana. That is where he bought the rifle.

So, I took it to a gunsmith to have it professionally cleaned, and checked out before I shot it again.

The tang behind the hammer was broken when he took it apart, so it was fixed. The magazine tube is shortened a bit - probably banged up in something. The Gunsmith said that means it was used as a club. I am thinking it's seen a bar-fight or two. Though it looks normal, the rear stock or fore-end stock do not come together - this means it might have been a military arm or something of a sort, and someone added the curved buttstock later on. Nearly all the blueing is gone and it looks old and used, but still damn good. I am willing to bet its probably killed a man in its colorful history.

At any rate - I got it back and took it out and spent 4 hours at the range with it. I swear, nothing is so fine as a firearm. I cannot think of very many things that after over 100 years of use (Gunsmith says this model of gun came in the .32 Win Spl caliber in 1902-03), and having been through so much, all the parts move in perfect syncronization in a perfect way just like when it came out of the factory new. And by god, it still shot pretty damn accurately as well.

We also have a Winchester model 1894 .44 Mag commemorative edition rifle that is one of the most wonderful firearms to have ever been made and my Dad has had many an adventure with it.

The fact this rifle has met its end (Winchester itself stopped making it, now the current owners are to scrap it), leaves a sadness within me. Its a damn shame. Now the other models of Winchester guns will made overseas? What? What is wrong with this?

I only hope Marlin continues to thrive, as that was also one of the guns that helped win the West and was in nearly as many numbers as Winchester out in the plains (we have two Marlins in .30-30 and .41 Magnum). If that goes as well......

Anyone else share my sentiments?
It was an important part of frontier history - but I personally don't think twice about it's legacy.

It's like the original Bonneville motorcycle - the first one with a teardrop-shaped gas tank. I'd rather have a Harley.

However - I would like a Stanley Steamer. Especially one of those Stanleys that were banned from all race tracks at the turn of the century for going twice as fast as any of the other cars.
Well, then what was so bad about the Winchester?
I'd rather have a lightsaber.

A Stanley would be real good for gas mileage these days. It would run on buttermilk.
Uh huh.

We'de all rather have a lightsaber, but they do not exist.

So lets stick with the topic though:

I mean, what was really so bad about the Winchester that you doubt its legacy?