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Full Version: Madeleine Albright in Iran
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Good versus evil isn't a strategy is Ms. Albright's latest attempt to revise her legacy and be relevant. Understand the crushing insult it must be to former Secretary Albright to see Condi Rice's face in the newspapers and TV. Madelaine Albright was appointed to her position as Secretary of State due to the prominence of her father, Josef Korbel, a noted anti-communist professor at the University of Denver, a former Czech foreign ministry official who allegedly made off with a fortune of Nazi-seized Austrian artwork after WWII. He reportedly sold much of the disputed artwork to finance his rise in politics. However the cause of his fame, he chose Condaleezza Rice as his protege and acted as her mentor.

Madelaine and Condi must be like the sibling rivalry of the Smother's brothers. Tommy to Dickie: Mommy liked you best! Albright used her father's collateral to get Clinton on board with her KLA-supporting activism in Serbia. (She spent time in Belgrade when her father was ambassador there.) Milosevic was one of the last Communists in Europe - yet not an enemy of the U.S. Her father's seething anti-communism must have fostered much of her own world view, and her siding with the Muslim mercenaries in Kosovo must gall in the contemporary War against Terrorism, that she somehow got on the nether end of.

Secretary Albright said the U.S. is impotent in Iran and can only act as a referee. Then she says the U.S. must not support one side or the other because everyone hates the U.S. and will automatically go against our choice. Finally she said the march of freedom is counterproductive in the Middle East.

Anyone think she has a clue?
Ungifted politicians are the wisest critics ... of others. Why their "wisdom" hadn't helped them, when they were politicians? :?
I never respected her personally. I think she was our Sec of State while the extremist Islam began attacking us and she took pride in attacking Serbia didn't she,in response?