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Full Version: Iraq: one step away from a civil war?
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UPI: Iraqis fear imminent civil war
Quote:WASHINGTON -- Rumors in Iraq have a weight that government and even newspaper reports don't seem to carry, and the latest rumors suggest Iraqis believe a civil war is imminent and the United States secretly wants it to happen.

Just three days after U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld criticized what he believes to be "exaggerated" and one-sided press coverage of apparently sectarian violence in Iraq sparked by the Feb. 22 attack on a Shiite mosque in Samarra, U.S. military intelligence reported that "most Iraqis increasingly fear an all-out civil war will begin soon."

"In fact, the entire group believes that Iraq is at least in a state of low-level civil war and most believe that the country is one assassination or Samarra-type event away from all-out civil war," it stated.

That suggestion is contained in the March 10 edition of the "Baghdad Mosquito," a daily collection of "open source intelligence" culled from Iraqi newspapers, as well as rumors from a group of "knowledgeable" Iraqis.


With the pressure on Iran over the nuclear program, a civil war becomes a real possibility, and not just due to the tensions between the Iraqi groups: Iran may opt to start one to decrease the pressure on it, and Iran can light a civil war with a few well-placed attacks.
Spengler seems to think that Iran is afraid of the CW in Iraq more than we do.