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Full Version: China: Euthanasia Experiments?
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Chinese Official Proposes ‘Euthanasia Experiments’

Quote:BEIJING, March 10, 2006 ( – A Chinese official has recommended to parliament that the country begin experimenting with euthanasia as a precursor to legalization.

Zhao Gongmin, a Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher, claims that public opinion strongly supports the practice, with supposed surveys showing as much as 80 percent support.

“I think it is only a matter of time for euthanasia to become legal,” Zhao said, according to a Shanghai Daily report. “Therefore, we should allow some experiments on the local level for the purpose of accumulating experience.”

“Conditions are not ripe yet for nation-level legislation on euthanasia, but I suggest the state allow certain regions, cities or provinces to formulate relevant local regulations or stipulations to legalize certain individual cases,” he added.

Comments? I'm actually unsure what to say...
With China's one-child-per-couple policy for population control, there's the demographic problem of eventually having a top-heavy older-population distribution without enough young people to support them. I always wondered how the Chinese were going to handle this problem. The euthanasia angle never occurred to me, but now that the subject has been brought up, it should have been obvious this approach would be appealing to them.

I think you got it, very logical. S2

I just wonder what those "experiments on the local level" are being considered....
Something like a village shooting all its elders?
Or allowing the gov't to knock off protestors legally?