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Full Version: Bush job rating falls to all-time low
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Woo-hoo, we gonna have a great time, I mean Russians S2
Stratfor says the world had the same inertia during Nixon presidency.
This period is characterized by creation of alliences between smaller countries...
Seems like America is going to let Ukraine out of her grip. S6
Funny, that the only thing that stays the same, is the fact that things change.
Here is what I stated on another forum, where there are more dufusus there than here.

Hey, if you can't get the facts to come out the way you wish, you simply make things up, OR change the rules to reflect your hopes.

CBS Slants Bush Poll in Favor of Democrats
Posted by Greg Sheffield on February 28, 2006 - 08:57.

In its classic "fair and balanced" tradition, CBS slanted in favor of Democrats its poll that found Bush has a 34 percent approval rating and a 59 percent disapproval rating, an all-time high for a CBS poll.

On the bottom of the PDF version of the poll (page 18) it says how many Democrats versus Republicans were contacted.

"Total Republicans" contacted: 272 unweighted and 289 weighted.

"Total Democrats" contacted: 409 unweighted and 381 weighted.

"Total Independents" contacted: 337 unweighted and 348 weighted.

Brent Baker also noted how CBS failed to highlight a key portion of its poll on the Feb. 27 "CBS Evening News." 66 percent of respondents thought the media devoted "too much time" to Cheney's hunting accident.

And the MSM wonders why they are not taken seriously by the majority of citizens. Only Jackasses Really pay attention, because it is what they HOPE is the outcome

This is why the Left is so depressed, and not enjoying life. Their version of "The Way The World Works" just never seems to work out correctly. I wonder why?

[Image: westwing.jpg]
Interestingly enough, an article on Stratfor released just now and signed by Friedman himself, takes the CBS poll very seriously ... apparently ST missed that the poll was faked.

Not to check the details of the poll is an elementary error that I really did not expect them to make.

And Friedman went on, building on the stupid poll....yuck.
Here is question 54 of the poll, which can be found in Pdf format.

q54 after 9/11, President Bush authorized wiretaps on some phone calls in the U.S. without getting court warrants, saying this was necessary in order to reduce the threat of terrorism. Do you approve or disapprove of the President doing this?

Normally, the average citizen would Never catch this when having it brought up. However, this has changed, except amongst geniuses on the "hate Bush" Left.

The question makes a dishonest statement, in that it does not mention that those "some calles in the U.S." happen to involve foreign connections, and monitoring them is perfectly legal. This is "conveniently" left out: I wonder why? The way the question was stated, it gives the impression that Bush is guilty of intercepting innocent domestic calls.

Now, keeping that in mind, what do you think the people being questioned will think? Now look again at the percentage of Democrats contacted over Republican, and ask the same question again.

this poll is nothing but a "drive-by" hatchet job, and only complete idiots, or intentional liars,would actually fall for such.
I think that even if the poll is faked, its results reflect the truth. Conservatives are quite pissed about the Dubai deal and continuing bloodshed in Iraq.
Many within the Federalist Wing indeed are. However, they are mostly protectionist, and the concept of economics is still not something that they are all that comfortable with. There are a lot of Patrick Buchanan types out there within the party.

Also, both parties have more than their share of moral cowards. After all, they are politicians, so I am not surprised.
I'm getting a bit more dissappointed with Stratfor: today's GD is above the polls, and again the did not look at the essentials of the CBS poll. They did mention, however, that

Quote:A Cook/RT Strategies poll completed a day later, on Feb. 23, still showed an approval rating of 40 percent.

which should have been a signal to examine both polls carefully.---that is, if they think that polls matter at all right now, and I have some doubts on this as well.

Anon Wrote:Conservatives are quite **** about the Dubai deal and continuing bloodshed in Iraq.

Iraq's casualties are at five months low and are barely discussed. The Dubai deal is indeed controversial, but it is simply not big enough an issue to cause large scale damage -- at least yet.
Yes, the poll is faked, but that is to be expected. I find more and more evidence that the Left has a religiosity to their belief system that enable and encourage them to try to affect change without regard to rules and truthfulness.

They still refer to "The Contract On America." Of course they will tweak polls to gen up the answers they require. Of course the MSM will emphasize and misinterpret everything they can to add to the attack. Of course they will say Bush was selected not elected. Of course they will misstate the substance of electronic intercepts on Terrorists and mislabel it as domestic spying. Of course they will decry the Dubai Ports World contract that was announced on October 31 in the MSM and say there was no 45 day investigation. Of course they will neglect to mention the Coast Guard had reservations on the DPW merger with P&O, only until deep caveats were added to the terminal contract to strengthen security to a never before attained level, whereupon they signed off on it happy to have increased security in the ports.

They truly believe they have the right and responsibility to blur the lines and twist facts to change the opinions of the "Great unwashed." You see, when they were little, they were handed a line of bull and bought it, hook, line, and sucker. It is not lack of character on their parts, but honor and higher values ascending. They believe the end justifies the means because their fundamental belief systems are based on disinformation.

The solution is not to debate the Left to change their actions, but to confront their basic fundamentals and prove what they know in their heart of hearts is untrue.
WmLambert Wrote:The solution is not to debate the Left to change their actions, but to confront their basic fundamentals and prove what they know in their heart of hearts is untrue.

Wm, the eternal optimist....

Did you not notice the phrase: "faked but true?"

This is the left's attitude, no proofs will change it. You are dealing with a religion here, and a fairly sick one at that, and proofs do not work well with religions zealots.

The answer is really "do nothing". The credibility of MSM keeps eroding, newspapers like WP, NYT, or LAT report lower numbers every year, and every time they fake a story or a poll, it damages their credibility and hurts their bottom line. Meanwhile, honest papers like NY Sun seem to capture an increasing share. Let the old media continue on this path of self-destruction... 8)

The only productive thing one can do is to invent and feed them more false stories...but we don't have any time for this.
Hmm, I have to apologize to Anon. He is right, conservatives may get really upset about the Dubai deal.

It appears that the deal was engineered by Bill Clinton.
As for the "faked but true," answers to misleading questions are by definition misleading as well. I'm not sure "misleading" can be coexistent with "true."

The new Zogby poll saying U.S. Soldiers in Iraq want to leave has been deconstructed pretty thoroughly. This appears to be another misled poll.

John and James Zogby are both wrapped in Arabic anti-defamation groups. James runs the Arab American Institution (AAI) which charges that the Bush Administration in combating terrorism may have infringed on the rights of U.S. Arab and Muslim communities. He adamantly opposes the Patriot Act. John has run the polling operation for 17 years, and uses techniques that are frowned upon by AAPOR, the American Association for Public Opinion Research, as unscientific or unethical. One such thing is his willingness to keep the identity of the client who sponsored a poll to remain unidentified. And evidently, with this poll, also the text of the questions. John is not James, but he has a chart over his desk detailing ?Leadership Succession in the Middle East since 1945? and ?Middle East Selected Socioeconomic Indicators.? One of his selling points is that his secret clients must publish the entire poll results - not just selected questions that they like - BUT he offers then to run a second poll of only the specific questions they want to push, which can then be published in its entirety but only be staged questions from the first poll.
Of course they want to leave! If you're 20 years old, do you want to be without women, in the desert, with a bunch of foreigners who hate your fucking guts, and constantly afraid you'll get your arm blown off?
Anonymous24 Wrote:Of course they want to leave! If you're 20 years old, do you want to be without women, in the desert, with a bunch of foreigners who hate your **** guts, and constantly afraid you'll get your arm blown off?

I believe that the soldiers assigned over there will tell you that they are not hated as much as your MoveOn fellows would have you think.

Plus, while it can be dangerous, it is not anything as you would hear from the MSM "Drive by" community. Besides, almost all of them are trained warriors, and know what to expect. You sell them too lightly, perhaps because you are comparing them to others with whom you are around.

We combat vetrans view life much differently than the Kook Left crowd. Many things are worth fighting for, regardless the danger. They also probably ride motorcycles, jump out of airplanes, and even drive on the US highways when they return from Iraq. Dangerous things, such as this.

And then there is always the adrenaline high.
You mean to say they dont wish there was woman next to them when they wake up in that shithole of a country? that the 'adrenaline' makes up for it?
Anonymous24 Wrote:You mean to say they dont wish there was woman next to them when they wake up in that shithole of a country? that the 'adrenaline' makes up for it?

Of course not. However, one cannot enjoy a woman all the time as you infer. Besides, who would want to do that, since there are other things that must also be endured as well. Wink1

And do not discount the alure of adrenaline. It produces the highest "high" out there. It is stronger than cocaine, and if terribly intense. unfortunately, it goes away too soon, and leaves one exhausted if it lasts for any length of time.

I used to be addicted to the stuff. That is why I jumped out of airplanes, rode fast motorcycles, and actually got on the Damnest buzz when the Sh-t hit the fan. Believe me, it is totally exhilarating. That is the reason why some actually volunteer to multiple tours of duty. I had a friend "Pappy" Patchen, who was on his fourth tour of Vietnam when he rotated out of my unit in the late 60s.
Well, I never liked rollercoasters. But I guess I can see the allure of adrenaline.
Anonymous24 Wrote:Of course they want to leave! If you're 20 years old, do you want to be without women, in the desert, with a bunch of foreigners who hate your **** guts, and constantly afraid you'll get your arm blown off?
From the reports I've heard on the radio on Bill Bennett, Hannity, etc. of the guys that have returned from the war, the reports of the relatives of the ones who are still in the war, etc., this is NOT their sentiment at all! I've yet to hear one that says what you have just said, Anon. I don't think women are on their highest list of prioriites right least for the majority. :roll:
They're human beings. I don't subscribe to the view that the only reason they join the army is cause its better than being manual laborers: most join to get their lives in order, or because they believe in what they're doing. But they are not these supermen sacrificial lambs who you can conveniently pretend love the thrill of being in constant danger of being killed or maimed...
In my experience, you have to always count on Bush showing about three points lower in the polls than he really is. Every time he gives a big speech, or especially if there's an election coming up, he pulls extra those couple of points out of nowhere.
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