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Full Version: Ireland is a Target
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Ireland is a target

Quote:A notorious British-based Islamic extremist has said Ireland is a "legitimate" target for al-Qa'ida terror attacks.

Anjem Choudary, who has close links to the infamous hate preacher, Omar Bakri Mohammed, said the use of Shannon Airport as a stop-off for US warplanes justifies Ireland being attacked.

I suspect he will be deported soon. If this is an open threat, shouldn't the RIR (Royal Irish Regiment) be kept in Northern Ireland for security against possible AQ terror? They are now dismantling the RIR.
That would be the battle of the heavyweights. The IRA versus Al Qaeda.
As a general rule,these guys make wise decisions. As such,Ireland won't be attacked.

From the al qeada military view,yea they allow their airport's use,but what with their very limited "army" and organization,I personally can think of better targets in Europe anyday,starting with ROME,ITALY.

No disrespect to Italians,but they are not warlike folks anymore,they disagree with the GWOT to a large extent and they would collapse Berlusconi's gov't if Rome gets hit good.

Italy would be my #1 target.

Take Italy off the table.

Holland and Denmark would be my next targets,but I am not sure it would work. There is strong hostility to the USA in both nations,BUT,they are small former victims of aggression,they have both prospered with US troops guaranteeing their freedoms and they would be loathe to abandon us like Spain did.

I think some blasts further east might get some of those states out of Iraq,I really don't think anyone supports the Iraq war at this point,including most of us Yanks. Imagine the uproar Osama could create here if he did a good blast and then sent a video stating if only we would leave Iraq.