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Full Version: Muslim Attack - staged or a sign of Muslim's violence?
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In another thread, John posted an article where the author argued that the Muslim attacks were staged - Muslim governments bused a few crowds of militants to the embassies for the purpose of creating the illusion of Muslim rage. Yet, many on this forum continue to argue that the attacks are a symptom of Islam's violent culture.

I don't see how you can have it both ways. If the 'Rent-a-Riot' article is correct, the riots are the result of a small political movement, not Muslim brainwashing.
Anon, that pertained only with the efforts of Syria and how she used it in Syria and Lebanon. This does not pertain to the rest of Islam.

So, yes it is entirely possible to have it both ways, as you state. The riots and damage done in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt and others are not the work of Syria.

Annnd, just because syria bussed them to the embassys does not mean that the rioters were not incensed to the point of causing violence. they were simply channeled by Syria to obtain the maximum effect. That's all.

Do you see what I mean here?
Yeah, but the article you posted sort of took the stance that 'This is the work of a small political movement'.
Anonymous24 Wrote:Yeah, but the article you posted sort of took the stance that 'This is the work of a small political movement'.

Funny, I did not view it that way. I wonder what others think?
Excerpt from the article supports what Anonymous24 is saying.

Quote:People watching TV news may think that the whole Muslim world is ablaze with righteous rage translated into "spontaneous demonstrations." The truth is that the overwhelming majority of Muslims, even if offended by cartoons which they have not seen, have stayed away from the street shows put on by the radicals and the Iranian and Syrian security services.

The destruction of Danish and Norwegian embassies and consulates happened in only two places: Damascus and Beirut. Anyone who knows Syria would know that there are no spontaneous demonstrations in that dictatorship. (Even then, the Syrian secret police failed to attract more than 1,000 rent-a-mob militants.) And the Syrian government refused the Norwegian Embassy's request for additional police protection. It was clear that the Syrians wanted the embassies sacked.

The rent-a-mob attacks in Beirut were more cynical. The Syrian Ba'ath — which has been murdering, imprisoning or deporting Sunni-Salafi militants for years — was suddenly transformed from a radical secular and Socialist party into "the Vanguard of the Faith." The mob that committed the atrocities in Beirut was bused from Syria and consisted of Muslim Brotherhood militants who are never allowed to demonstate on their own account.

The Muslim crowds that have demonstrated over the cartoons seldom exceeded a few hundred; the Muslim segment of humanity is estimated at 1.2 billion. And only three of Denmark's embassies in 57 Muslim countries have been attacked.
We can take from the numbers,whethr staged or spontaneous,that they are few.