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Full Version: Rating of Russki billionaires 2006
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«Rating of billionaires — 2006»
"On February 13, 2006 «Finans.» magazine will publish the third annual rating of billionaires with media support from RBC and и RAMI «RIA Novosti».

The rating includes 720 persons with fortunes over 1 billion rubles.
The rating list will include 50 USD billionaires (in 2005 — 39).

The first among USD billionaires, keeping the tradition, is Roman Abramovich ($18,7 billion, governor of Chukotski Autonomous Region, owner of Chelsea soccer club and three yachts, father of five children), and Anatoly Sedikh brings up the rear of the list ($1 billion, «United Metallurgical Company»).

39 out of 50 USD billionaires owe their fortunes to oil and gas and metal industries.

Combined fortunes of the top ten persons on the rating make about $95 billion.

The list of USD billionaires will for the first time feature those businessmen, who built their capital from scratch, rather than using former socialist property. These are Andrey Rogachev ($1,2 billion, «Pyaterochka»), Rustam Tariko ($1,16 billion, «Russkiy Standart»), Sergey Galitskiy1,05 billion, «Magnit» retail chain).
Alexander Girda ($975 million, 51 position in the rating, «Pyaterochka»,) and a dozen others have all the chances to make it to the TOP-50 next year.

There is a woman on the USD billionaire list — «Inteko» CEO Yelena Baturina ($1,9 billion.) All in all, there are 27 representatives of the fair sex on the rating.

Anatoliy Chubais, BOD Chairman of RAO «UES of Russia», who has just a few million dollars, again failed to join the rating , the same applies to Aleksey Miller, “Gazprom” CEO.

This year «Finans.» magazine refrained from precise evaluation of Mikhail Khodorkovski and Platon Lebedev fortunes. They are included in the rating with fortunes no less than $35 million

The youngest ruble billionaire – 23-year old Georgiy Semenenko, whose fortune was estimated by «Finans.» magazine at 1 billion rubles. In five years he has gone all the way from service mechanic assistant in open-hearth plant to general director of Kirovski plant in Petersburg. He came to the senior executive position after his father, Petr Semenenko, general director of Kirovski plant, died in 2005.

The most senior ruble billionaire – Semen Svirskiy (1 billion rubles) is in his nineties (born in 1925). In summer of 2004 Semen Svirskiy sold his shares for a good profit.
Both men got on this year’s rating for the first time.

The dollar rating is characterized by its consistency, the youngest billionaire Andrei Melnichenko is 33, the most mature – Boris Berezovskiy – is 60 years old.
About 40% billionaires were born in the sixties of the latest century; this is the largest age category.

Almost 40 billionaires are State Duma deputies or members of the Federation Council. Three men head Russian Federation regions. They are — governor of Chukotski Autonomous Region Roman Abramovich, President of the Republic of Adigeya Khazret Sovmen and Perm region governor Oleg Chirkunov."

I guess the number of them is even more than 50 or (39 of the past year). These bastards are growing richer and richer. Note that Russia is in deep shyt...
The most interesting name is Georgiy Semenenko of 23. His father was director of the plant before the falling out from the 13th floor of Sochi hotel."
Interesting. I do not see Vladimir Vladimirovich's name on the list Or will that come later, AFTER he leaves office?
If the following "successor" isn't to be elected Hitler, I hope Volodya will head the list. Do you see why I want T. Roosevelt here?
Quote:There is a woman on the USD billionaire list — «Inteko» CEO Yelena Baturina ($1,9 billion.)
This dame is wife of Moscow Mayor Luzhkov. It's become Russian tradition now to make a relative the owner of money you earn in person.
When you run for election your income has to be published in the media. If you are "poor", you gain more sympathy from "electorate".