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Full Version: Predictions of all Out Terrorist Attacks in Iraq
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They live there,who knows. Hope their intuition is wrong!


Palladin Wrote:He lives there,who knows. Hope his intuition is wrong!

Per chance another Tet Offensive? If so, perhaps this time we will see it for what it really was: a last ditch effort, that worked.

'Tis a good thing that Hitler did not initiate the Ardennes capaign with the same MSM we have today.

It's the people,not the MSM. We aren't the same people we were in 1944,if the MSM supported the enemy like they have since 1968,they'd have been filletted.

Face it J,Americans are about 1/4 of the toughness we were in 1944.
Palladin Wrote:Face it J,Americans are about 1/4 of the toughness we were in 1944.

Sure Patrick, that was exactly the same thing that Hitler said about the US in the late 30s also. The only difference is that our sense of outrage has a higher threshold now than back then.

Oh, I suppose it was the intent of the population, not the MSM, that the decision was made not to stir up the emotions, by showing all those poor people jumping out of the Twin Tower Buildings? After all, it would not do to have us outraged to the point of running around killing all those poor dememted Islamic souls. Wink1
Seymour Hersh is also predicting such an event; make your own credibility judgements about that one.

But, in reality, it boils down to the hard fact that the bad guys in Iraq don't have the capability to launch a truly country-wide Tet-style offensive. Unfortunately, a massive, coordinated upsurge in bombings and attacks limited to Al-Anbar province and the greater Baghdad and Mosul regions could potentially be reported that way by the general media.

In our favor, as everyone on this board already seems well aware - is that, just like Tet, such an offensive will simply bring the bad guys out where we can kill them. The ugly difference between VC Tet tactics and what may happen in Iraq is the VBIEDs. A massive surge of powerful vehicle bombs in urban areas compressed in a short time frame is likely to cause tremendous civilian casualties.
Something tells me that if I were to have a choice of 50 bombings at once, or strung out over time, I would rather have them at once. Drawing things out is more likely to get greater negative effect over the ling term.
The danger with numerous bombings in a compressed time frame is dependent upon the targeting. That goes for the attacks as well. If the intent is to kick off a sectarian war, a large number of mass-casualty bombings in Shi'a areas, coupled with attacks targeting Shi'a clerics and key personalities, will be more effective emotionally upon the general Shi'a populace in the compressed time-frame than drug out over time.

Despite a continuing series of incidents, the Shi'a leadership has managed to keep the danger of sectarian conflict at a low simmer. Numerous strategically targeted mass casualty attacks and assassinations of key figures in a matter of hours or at the most, a couple of days, could spark the fuse that sets it all off.

Just conjecture on my part.
aren't there more elections around the corner i Iraq?
Elections are coming up I think in November and/or a referendum on the constitution offered for the people's consent. I noticed there is a drop off in VBEIDs lately ,seemingly coinciding with the thrusts into the western Anbar region.

I'd say undoubtedly they'll re-establish those supply lines and make their move,these Iraqi bloggers seem to have a pulse for what's happening there.

It will not make a difference there,the vote will go forward,the Vox Populi will have it's magical influence for the long term. The influence it will have will be RIGHT HERE in America's kitchens,where America wins and loses wars since 1945. Anyone notice we haven't won a strategic victory since 1945?