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Full Version: This is not how civil wars start
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Quote:This is not how civil wars start

Extremism experts don't get America's hinterland

I moved recently to a remote part of Northern California, where in a couple weeks an election will decide whether or not allies of the local militia take control of the county government. It’s a fraught situation, in a part of the country that’s often described by journalists, myself included, as being on the verge of civil war.

This can be a hard thing to explain. Just before I sat down to write this, I was at a bar where a liberal guy invited a not-so-liberal guy out to the parking lot. The liberal showed off a fly rod he’d built, and the redneck showed off a not-at-all-legal belt-loaded gun that he’d built. They came back smiling. Everyone mostly gets along fine. The incidents that seem to show overt cracks in the social order are very rare — occasional spats at restaurants or threatening visits to trailers, county board meetings moved online for safety.

Source: UnHerd
What we have here is a biased article written by a progressive who believes Patriots live in trailers.
The comments on that article are better than the piece, itself. Any Civil War will be reactive - a response to attacks by the Left, most probably. The riots, looting, and burning of cities are an example of how the Left starts the conflict. The media will see a legitimate response to that as the problem.
I'm surprised no one went after Antifa in Portland last year.