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Full Version: Swiss Researchers Use Brain Electrodes to Stimulate Climate Concern
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Quote:Swiss Researchers Use Brain Electrodes to Stimulate Climate Concern

Researchers at University of Bern have reported promising results after attaching electrodes to the scalps of test humans to stimulate climate concern.
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ANI | Updated: Jan 08, 2022 22:14 IST 
Bern [Switzerland], January 8 (ANI): During a recent study by the University of Bern researchers used brain stimulation to demonstrate that the ability to sympathize with the future victims of climate change encourages sustainable behaviour.

“The fact that people aren’t acting in a more climate-friendly way isn’t because we know too little about this critical situation, though,” explained Daria Knoch, Professor for Social Neuroscience at the University of Bern.
To find out more about the reasons that prevent us from acting sustainably, Daria Knoch and her team have conducted a neuroscientific study.

“It is precisely our inability to mentalise with these strangers that discourages climate-friendly action,” said Daria Knoch, commenting on the findings of the new study that she carried out with her research group in the “Social Neuro Lab” at the University of Bern.
During the study, participants received stimulation to a part of their brain which plays an important role in taking the perspective of others. This stimulation led to more sustainable behaviour.

“Applying brain stimulation to the general public is out the question, of course,” explained Benedikt Langenbach, lead author of the study and a former PhD student at the Social Neuro Lab.
However, according to the researchers, the functioning brain area in question can also be enhanced, for example, through neurofeedback and meditation.

Source: What's up with That

No one is acting against environmental damage. The real problem is separating out ersatz theories that are aimed at political power - not saving the planet.
This reminds me of a few science fiction novels I read over the decades. Mind control anyone?