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Full Version: Russia's Best Description: Mafia Kingdon, or Fascist State?
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This article highlights the many problems in Russia, and why it cannot attract the foreign investment is needs.

This leads one to think that it is now a mafia Kleptrocracy, or a Fascist State. Perhaps it is now a combination of both at once?

Quote:In a country where rule of law remains fragile 15 years after the fall of communism, company executives say that doing business in Russia routinely involves corruption and official coercion. The Cato Institute's economic freedom index, which evaluates business conditions globally, based on criteria such as the state's influence over the judicial system and the protection of ownership rights, ranks Russia 115th in the world.
Facism is what you called Hitler's alliance of the state with industry. What do you call an alliance of the state with organized crime? Leave it to the Russians to come up with something new. I suppose it could be argued that Sicily might be a model for this.

For us, the problem is that the Russian mafia is making inroads exporting itself to the U.S. Of course, the Italian/Sicilian Mafia is already here, especially on the east coast, and the Chinese tong is here, especially on the west coast. Maybe the Russians and the Mafia and the Tong will tie each other up in turf warfare.
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The era of developing capitalism

Russia’s Capital Inflow Exceeds Capital Outflow for First Time in 15 Years

Quote:International financial firm Standard & Poor's on Jan. 16 raised the rating of Russian government-controlled gas giant Gazprom to BB+. Increased export prices allowed Gazprom to slow the rate of the growth of its borrowing. The $7 billion that the company received from the sale of its stock, and payments from Rosneftegas, a government structure, contributed to the increased confidence.
Foreign car firms flock to Russia

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