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Full Version: A Plague of.....................?
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Australia has more than its share of problems.  However, its obviously not enough, sooooooooo.....................................  Gah

'You can't escape the smell': mouse plague grows to biblical proportions across eastern Australia

Thousands of rodents swarm around local farm in New South Wales
Here's yet one more plague, which is innundating this country, and in particular, the South and the South-West.  And its about to innundate the rest of the country.  Its Wild Pigs.  they are currently filling the void of other native species.  And too, they present a major problem, yet also a major oppurtunity. 

The battle to control America’s ‘most destructive’ species: feral pigs

I'm a Southerner, and I know well what feral pigs can do to farmland.  However, if one is able to harvest the growing number of wild pigs, there is a market for this product.  I've eaten well prepared wild pig before, and they are by far, better tasting than farmed pigs. 
As I used to keep telling my surbordinates, while in the military, "We don't have a Problem, Just an Opportunity". 

Remember, humans caused this problem, and its up to us to solve it.  In the mean time, enjoy the great taste. 

Spring residents alarmed by wild hogs in neighborhood

As I stated before, "YOU EAT THEM"! If they invade your neighborhood, get the neighbors to hunt them. Then get together with a yard party, and barbecue these trouble makers. Just make sure you cook them well, in order to kill off the parasites. Feral Wild hogs may be a problem, but problems have a answer called "Oppertunity".

Wild hogs run rampant in Flagler County

If they won`t allow shooting them, poison them.
(03-27-2021, 04:51 PM)Canuknucklehead Wrote: [ -> ]If they won`t allow shooting them, poison them.

If you do that, they can't be eaten.

Shoot 'Em, then cook and eat them. S22