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Full Version: Australia to Provide LNG to California?
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Insiders state the LNG market will take off in the near future. If the west coast obtains it from Australia, and the East coast from East Africa, then we will have a good and readysource of the product.

And as for safety, transporting it aboard tankers is not any more dangerous than that of oil. It is just that LNG must be placed under pressure, that's all.
Another thing. We hae so much natural gas off the Eastern seabord, that we could gather all the natural gas we would need. Yet it it Eco-Wackos that are halting the development.

The entire area is loaded with HUGE deposits of Methane Hydrates that continue to rise to the surface, and are most likely the cause of the Bermuda triangle lore.

I saw a documentary that involved researching the methane hydrates. They're unbelievable and create far more methane when warmed up than normal sources.

Eventually,common sense will over rule the earth worshippers I think.