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Full Version: Artificial Intelligence: The Big Threat.
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I read a good deal of Craig Paul Roberts' articles, so it was only natural for me to come across his latest one from yesterday.  And it revived my deep fears that have been inside me since reading some of the earlier Science Fiction works by Isaac Asimov, and others.  In fact this theme of the threat of artificial intelligence is something that has become a mainstay of Classic Sci Fi.  In fact I used to have nightmares after reading some of the negative stories that appeared in that field of fiction. 

But within the last several decades my thinking has gone in other directions, just as the field of science fiction has as well.  One knows that the possibilities are out there, but there are so many other branches that are far more enjoyable.  But then this fellow suddenly brought me back to the problem that has never presented a resolution to keeping artificial intelligence in check. 

Will Artificial Intelligence Destroy Us or Simply Make Humans Irrelevant?

It's about Jerry Day's hard look at the dangers inherit in something that could easily get out of hand and end up ruling all of us.  And I find it to be a "Must Watch".

A Hard Look At Artificial Intelligence

Is anyone else interested, or worried about out future with something that will be smarter than all of us?
Well, if we are stupid enough to create something that makes us irrelevant, then we get what we deserve.

Y'know, JohnWho, That is not a valid question. We build tools to help us and make our contributions greater. IOW, you cannot make us irrelevant when that help also makes us more relevant.

For instance, we have already started putting chips in our brains to enhance our abilities. We do this to allow the deaf to hear and the blind to see - but also to enhance mathematical abilities and communication. Asimov's three laws are farcical, but strangely apropos, because as we get smarter using the same abilities that an IA can use, the distinction between us lessens. We use smartphones now as a temporary aid to what we eventually will be able to do without a handheld tool.

In Weber's Empire of Man series, there were "Toots" that each person had to enhance their intelligence and abilities. In that series, the problems with toots were more involved with hacking and invasive control. I see no reason why we can't emulate Asimov's three laws as we write the code to allow AI. Again such codes can be hacked, but that is not about irrelevancy, just the normal Moriarty paradigm..
This topic has always made me a bit uncomfortable, having known about this as an adolescent, reading Azimov and others. Its frightening to think that our electronic slaves could actually become our masters.

I remember having nightmares of this as a kid. I'm not really sure how we are going to keep the lid on it all, but there is definitely a danger if we don't take steps to keep the genie in the bottle.