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Full Version: Koizumi: do as dogs do
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Japanese urged to breed like dogs

Quote:IN a sign of rising despair over the country's dwindling birth rate, Japan's Prime Minister has suggested that his people should take their cue from the canine world and breed larger litters of offspring in the Year of the Dog.

Junichiro Koizumi's unexpected "do as dogs do" advice arose during his New Year press conference - his first public appearance since it was revealed that Japan's population contracted by 19,000 last year and is shrinking for the first time in more than a century.

Of all the Western countries Japan is perhaps the only where an appeal to civil duty may have some effect...but I really doubt...
Australia is also worried about a comming demographic crisis. They're actually paying people to have babies.

Quote:Australian couples owe it to their country to have more children and should get on with the job, the nation's treasurer said on Tuesday.

"You go home and do your patriotic duty tonight," Peter Costello said when asked by a journalist if he was "the family-friendly treasurer saying get out there and procreate".

Some would have to go one step further by having extra children "for your country" to make up the gap left by friends who "aren't even replicating themselves"

You should have one for your husband, one for your wife, and one for your country"

In a federal budget handed down on Tuesday, Costello promised Aus$3 000 (about R15 000) for every baby born after June as part of a Aus$19,2-billion "family package" to be distributed over five years.
And that third one can be called "Ender"?

This demographic thing is the only thing going. Europe is dying,some parts fairly rapidly. We're holding our heads barely above water here,but here there is a story within a story.

Our faith based population are having children,our atheists are not,this is based on published studies.

Which means we will gravitate slowly towards the influence of the Judeo-Christian culture away from humanism over time,Europe will go the other way and Japan it seems has decided to commit suicide herself.

I wonder about the other continents ex Australia,I wonder if Asians are growing,including India? How about South America? Africa?
Palladin Wrote:I wonder about the other continents ex Australia,I wonder if Asians are growing,including India? How about South America? Africa?

I can't speak for all of Asia, but my country (Philipines) continues to increase in population. As the nation is mostly Roman Catholic, it has taken to heart the call for large families and no contreceptives (not to mention our inate interest in the procreational mechanics).
I doubt it ever going to work as intended: in Australia for every few native couples each producing extra child there will be a single ME immigration couple producing more. For Russia, Israel, Europe the situation is the same. Just look at Scandinavia and who takes advantage for their generosity in a child producing contest. Population attitudes must change, not the incentives. And that is a loooong order. Japan might succeed, though, mostly due to their extremely low immigration and general obedience to authorities. To a much lesser extent, Germany.
I think the problem each has is they've left their first love and are lost.

In Japan's case,they had developed a theory of life that led them into WWII. Then,they got the snot knocked out of them,lost their faith in themselves and why would parents want kids when you have nothing greater than yourself to imbue themselves with?

Europe was a Christian culture,this is entirely abandoned,now the most Europeans can imbue themselves with is themselves. Thus,they stopped having kids,why have off spring when you don't believe in anything greater than yourself? We're so small if all I believed in was me,I'd be with NO kids myself,I'd be the man that paid for abortions.

It's even worse in the former Marxist states because they left their first loves sooner,with the odd exception of Italy. I bet money India's population is growing,they still believe in something greater than themselves.
Palladin Wrote:Europe was a Christian culture,this is entirely abandoned,now the most Europeans can imbue themselves with is themselves.

Not true. I watched a FNC special short on how Christianity is slowly coming back to Europe. And it is being led by the young people, where thousands are attending conventions, and religious gatherings. the light is slowly being rekindled there.

I still think that you are too pessimistic Patrick.

And in about 25 years when the first space elevator is operational, the race will be on to have kids, and colonize space. Wink1
You can easily check the population dynamics of various countries with the CIA factbook.

Most of the asian countries are fast growing:

India: 1.4%
Iran: 0.86%
Philippines: 1.84%
Malaysia: 1.8%
Thailand: 0.87%
S. Korea: 0.38%
N. Korea: 0.9%
China: 0.58%


Japan: 0.05% (last year, now negative)
Singapore: 1.56% (Entirely immigration driven)

In Asia, it is better to correlate dropping birth rates with the more developed and urban societies than with religion. Elsewhere, high taxation ideas of socialist regimes (EU, blue states in the US) are a major cause.