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Full Version: The Apollo Program
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This ought to be a very interesting set of videos set out on Ben Shapiro's "The Daily Wire". I've just started watching it, and it is quite well done, and narrated by one of my favorite presenters, Bill Whittle. I was in high school when NASA made its first moves toward sending a person to the moon and back. At that time, we were just getting into orbit and trying to set up shop up there. I've always been surprised that so few astronauts gave their life as a result.

Sooo, when are we finally going to get to mars, and beyond? I'm getting up there and would love to be around when some of this is accomplished.

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Sigh, I think I have heard that JFK sentence "We choose to go to the moon, not because.........." enough to last me for the rest of my life. Banghead

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Their plan is to settle a Moon base as a refill station for mars spaceships. The Moon base would dig ice and make fuel out of it. Then send the tank to a station on the Moon's orbit were the spaceship would be docked.
It all sounds great except that we are nowhere near to having the technology to do this.
Let alone do this before 2030.

We don't even know where to find ice on the Moon excactly. We just know that there might be frozen water somewhere.
We don't have any mechanism to dig it. And we don't have any machine to convert water into hydrogen or another fuel to work in outer space.
We don't have any developed and tested habitat for astronaut to live on the Moon or on Mars.
We haven't developed anti-cosmic ray magnetic shield.
I'm also stunned that they are not even talking about artificial gravity by rotation. it looks like this fundamental precondition to long stays in space is totaly ignored.

We are barely working on the launcher and on an upgrade of the Apollo module.

I think it's a very good idea to work on a Moon fuel plant. But it won't be operational before 20 or 30 years.
If the goal is to go to Mars ASAP, then we must skip this project and lift fuel tanks from Earth.
Once we have a vessel assembled on Earth's orbit we can proceed with an unmanned test flight. And build a second one for the real mission.