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Full Version: Muslim Council of Britain Boycotts Holocaust?
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Oh bullsh-t

No, you boycott it b/c its about the Jews.

No other massacre was so large and systimatic as that of the Jews, and to remember it is bad for them?

Well, have no fear Tait, the authentic Hitchcock documentary, which was never shown, will be released in 2015. And it is guaranteed to be gut wrenching to say the least. My guess is that it will shock far more than not, before it is all done.

Many of us grew up seeing much of this on film, so we will not be be as traumatized by it as most. But being exposed to death and the carnage of war does tend to do this to one, no matter how horrific. I'm still going to watch it none-the-less.

And its about time too. There are so many, who have denied the Holocaust for so long that they need to be reminded that it really did occur.

Humanity can be more than horrific when they work at it.