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Full Version: CRITTERS: Most Intelligent & Lovable
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I love watching videos which show animals interacting with humans and how smart and lovable they can be.  Its simply amazing how much we have tended to overlook just how special they really are.  I think its time to make posts about our wonderful neighbors.  And I'll begin with a compilation of many different critters cuddling and loving people.  

Animals Show Love for Humans - Animals Hugging People - Animals Cuddling
I began looking at some videos that showed what is considered to be the Top Ten most intelligent animals, besides humans.  And like everything else, nobody can seem to agree on about five of these entries.  

This video is three years old, and since then rankings haven't changed much for the top four animals, but the second group(5-10) are quite varied.  Apparently, there has recently been a good deal of scientific study into the world's many critters, and the rankings will continue to change.

Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals

01 - Chimpanzees
02 - Dolphins/Bottlenose Dolphin
03 - Elephant
04 - Crow/Raven
05 - Orangutan
06 - Rats
07 - Pigs
08 - African Grey Parrot
09 - Dogs/Border Collie
10 - Raccoon

Naturally, none of the other listings I saw had their candidates and rankings exactly the same.  Here are a listing of other critters that made the other lists, and other than the Ants/bees I would tend to agree that they really deserve to be placed in the upper category of intelligence/cognition.  

Honey Badgers
Manta Rays

And I'll bet you that there are others, which would fit into this upper category.
I'm fascinated with crows. They are perhaps the smartest dinosaurs left on the planet. And their brain composition is physically different from mammals. We have a lot of folds and they have about three nodes. I wonder if this is like all other birds?

5 Reasons To Like Crows (American Crow)
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I Love Squirrels! They are so intelligent and playful. S22

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