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The site is in french but just look at the map (You don't need to read)

40.000 km long
If the US has a wall along the Mexico border, then why is there so much argument about building one?
Just ask the Clown in Charge! Me too I would like to know the answer. Especially at a time when these workers are needed in the US...

And that's typical of Trump: He promises to build a wall which already exists, then will build build, what, 200 miles (last time I was reading on this topic it was something like that) at a cost of several billion, then he will claim to have build it entirely and to have protected the country.
Migrants still entering unabated notwithstanding.
(10-02-2018, 06:50 PM)Fredledingue Wrote: [ -> ]The site is in french but just look at the map (You don't need to read)

40.000 km long

It appears that you have forgotten your history Fred. How long is/was the Great Wall of China? But better yet, how about the SSR and its East European cronies? I personally remember crossing a physical barrier when going through DDR into Berlin, AND when taking the tour of East Berlin. And going to Czechoslovakia, we had a similar barrier.

Well, here's one way we didn't create, but did set the stage for the following.

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989
Incidentally, there is also a major difference between what Trump is attempting to do, and what the Eastern Bloc were trying to accomplish.  In the former case, Trump is trying to stem the tide of illegal immigration, and the anarchy that it would create.  That's why the Jackasses are all for it.  

But the later case was to imprison its citizens and not allow them OUT of their captivity.  I personally witnesses this horrible condition myself, and visited several Eastern Bloc countries during my stay in 1964 Germany.

Huge Difference.

[Image: Conrad-Schumann-defects-to-West-Berlin-1961-660x532.jpg]
No. Trump is not trying to stop illegal immigration. He only tries, and succeed, in showing that he does it. And that it's thanks to him if there is no anarchy in the US.
I believe that a wall or a fence between two radically different economic blocks like north and south Americas, or like Europe and Africa are necessary to control the tide. And when it's under control, the rich economies are able to absorb a regulated number of migrants who became productive.

In 1964, yes that was a tragedy. Good thing we destroyed this wall.

You wouldn't believe what you would see if you were here. I live in a country which was once the USSR. Not Poland or Czechoslovakia. And it's totally westernized.
Salaries are still very low though.

PLease visit the MEGA mall in Kaunas and its shark aquarium
[Image: 800px-Kaunas%2C_Mega_aquarium.jpg]
(10-21-2018, 04:51 PM)Fredledingue Wrote: [ -> ]You wouldn't believe what you would see if you were here. I live in a country which was once the USSR. Not Poland or Czekoslovakia. And it's totaly westernized.
Salaries are still verry low thought.

Of course the salaries are lower than with other places. Taxes take the majority of it. How else are the Euros going to pay for all those wonderful Welfare States? Spiteful
No. Taxes in Lithuania are very low. That's why I live here. Taxes are much lower in poorer east european countries. Lithuania has one of the lowest average salary in Europe. I think only Romania and Bulgaria are lower. But the economy is growing steadily and so are salaries.
By contrast the west european countries are tax hells. People in France are furious because they rose tax on car fuels even higher. "We are taxed from everywhere" I could read today on an interview.

And the welfare state is mainly in western Europe too, where the high taxes are. Almost no welfare state in Eastern Europe. In Lithuania you don't survive long on unemployment benefits.
The system is very different: Jobless people are working for the minimal salary (just short of €400 or $450 per month. And they work for that small amount of money until they find a real job where they can earn between $650 and $1000 a month. I'm talking about people with little or no college education.

There are very big differences in taxes and in salaries across the different European states.
Fred, when I used the word "Euros" I wasn't referring to the Eastern Europeans, who were under the former Soviet Union. Sorry if you mistook my meaning. I'm doing that because I am and 'old fart' and keep thinking like one. S5