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Full Version: NM Solar Observatory Closure: Whaa The Hell?............
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Does anybody know what is going on with the closure of the New Mexico Solar Observatory complex, at Sunspot, New Mexico?  The MSM is not reporting on this very much, but the "Off-the-Wall", and Conspiracy Crowd, are all over the place, with all kinds of theories , from UFOs, to a huge hole in the sun, and lord knows what else.  

The government is not talking about it, but the FBI has gone in and closed up the entire observatory complex, which is a village by itself.  

I do know one thing here.  There is a Huge Jagged Hole in the sun's atmosphere, and its enormous.  And its facing directly toward earth.  And the solar wind coming out of the hole is supposed to be arriving at our planet tomorrow, September 17th.   Here's what I mean:

[Image: ch_strip2.jpg]

That's one hellacious hole!