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Full Version: Las Vegas Mass Murderer
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Am I the only one interested in this story? I've been gone for a couple of days, transporting my Mother to a wedding, so I haven't really been available to comment on this thing. But I have been following it.

Any takers? Shock
I think this atrocity may be the straw that broke the camel's back when it comes to some kind of gun control.
Three things. No one has seen a motive yet. ISIS claims the gunman just converted to Islam. FBI says he didn't.

The only motive I see is that the Dems will use this to push gun control. Greg Gutfeld made a point that this is the first drone shooting (it came from an altitude down onto a crowd.)
I found the following on Disqus.

Photo of Stephen Paddock at Anti-Trump protest in Reno on August 17th 2017.

[Image: m2OYL8C.jpg]

[img]Photo of Stephen Paddock at Anti-Trump protest in Reno on August 17th 2017.[/img]
Photo of Stephen Paddock and Marilou Danley at Anti-Trump protest in Reno on August 17th 2017.

[Image: OkAkRwm.png]

Video on Twitter of the same man hugging a woman and being introduced as Steve.
More and more, I'll bet you that this fellow is going to be exposed as a card carrying Jackass, and one of the very ones raising the most hell about Gun Control. This fact alone is going to doom any attempt to go against the 2nd Amendment.

In fact, its the Progressive Left who are prone to do such things, and WE are the ones needing firearms, just to protect ourselves, from THEM. Gah
Yes, the libertine left is already trying to exploit the mass shooting in Las Vegas, to make political points for increased gun control (what they really want is gun confiscation, like the Nazis did in Austria before WWII). They know that far more conservatives have guns than do liberals, so they want those guns confiscated, so it will be easier for them to take over.

My ex-wife lives in Las Vegas, but in a residential area well away from the strip. I think there are actually a couple of SDA churches in the Las Vegas area. I doubt that she would have been at the concert; she was not a fan of country western music. Although as a nurse, she was probably involved in dealing with the hundreds of people injured.

One of my nephews (Chris) became a Mormon while heading a construction crew that did electrical work in several of the casinos in Las Vegas. I told him I thought it was cool that he found religion in "sin city." He was amused by that observation. He went on to help in the construction of the Freedom Tower in New York City, and is living in Florida now--in fact, he is leading a crew that is helping with the restoration work in the Keys. I heard he has become a bishop in the Mormon church.

My brother, Bill, also worked with Chris for some time in Las Vegas.

As for the shooter--his brother said he was an atheist, and speculated that he may have taken offense at the 22,000 people singing "God Bless America" an hour before he started shooting. He was photographed at an Anti-Trump rally recently, as you showed above, John.

It is amazing that investigators found he had 23 guns with him in the hotel, and another 19 guns back at his home 90 miles north. I wonder if that qualified him as a gun collector. Some of the weapons he had were modified into full automatics, which I believe is already illegal according to existing laws. So passing more "gun control" laws would not do any good.
Ron, for the hundredth tine, there's not a Damned thing Liberal about them, except maybe their mouths. They are at the least a bunch of Progressives. Why can't you get that through your head? They're NOT Liberals.
Laura Ingraham is not happy with The Beast, who wasted no time sticking her foot in her mouth over this massacre.

Laura Ingraham takes on Hillary Clinton’s NRA Tweets: ‘Despicable Level of Ignorance’
Paul Joseph Watson stated this yesterday.

Las Vegas Massacre: What They're NOT Telling You

And earlier today, on Fox and Friends, this forensic psychologist thinks the murderer may well have targeted conservatives as a way to go out with a bang.  He seems to makes an awful lot of sense here.

Inside The Mind Of A Madman - Fox & Friends
Helen Smith, at PJMedia has an interesting article, and makes good sense when trying to understand why this killer picked out the Country & Western concert.  
Quote:We have heard all kinds of things about Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock -- he was a gambler, a multimillionaire, he liked poker. The list goes on and it's hard to make sense out of what would lead a person to kill so many people. But as Brent Turvey so wisely states: "In the rush to examine a criminal’s behavior, it is not difficult to become distracted by the dangling carrot of that criminal’s potential characteristics and forget about the value of understanding his victims.”

And its for certain that Paddock didn't pick this target randomly either.  As Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin wrote in Psychology Today, : Mass Murderers: 'Some People Deserve To Be Killed'.  The minds of mass killers

Quote:A shooting or mass event shocks the public which doesn’t spend its time dreaming of murder. However these killers do just that. Every waking moment is focused on their deviant desires. By rote, they practice over and over in their minds how they will destroy as much life as possible. They live and breathe an inevitable revenge. Fueled by continuous anger, they prepare for their destiny. That is how they see it. Every mass killer I interviewed said they always knew they would kill. In a way it is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Whatever method they choose to execute their plan, they practice ad nauseum. They go to the location they want to attack. Once there, they watch. They want to memorize the patterns of the people at the location. They want to see who is there and where they go. What is normal for this area? Yes, killers profile too. They need those patterns so they can predict the behavior of their targets. When they can anticipate how a victim will react, they can cut off escape routes.

Weapons are obtained, and very often, they tell someone of their goal. Though they are deadly serious, the threat is blown off. People have a hard time believing that this person could do such a thing. Or, the person is too frightened to say a word. Thus, the behavior and words do not get reported. And the plan continues.
She continues:
Quote:Once the deed is done, their only regret is that they could not torture their victims and make them suffer more. Remorse is foreign to them. They have none of it and would gladly kill again.People often ask why the murderers don't just kill themselves. Why do they have to take so many lives?

The reality is, if you wonder why they don’t just kill themselves, then you really don’t understand them. The whole point is to crush as many people as possible, to destroy them as the killer has been destroyed. The more victims, the more people left behind in misery. The plan is like a spider web of destruction. Little lines go out everywhere to hit their mark. The media becomes alarmed. The public is shocked. Family and friends are left behind. Fear sets in when people realize that no one is truly safe. This is mission accomplished for the mass murderer.

One of the early revelations was that a Spanish type woman went around warning many attendees that they were going to die.  Could it have been his girlfriend, knowing he was about to commit the massacre?  And speaking of his Philippine girlfriend, there's a good chance his level of hatred and animus toward 'simple minded' Conservatives(or whoever) may well come out after the authorities have thoroughly interviewed her relationship with him.

And here's something else.  This was a three day event, and he waited until the third day to commit his killing spree.  If the good doctor is right, there is a excellent chance that Paddock actually attended the first two day's concerts, so as to immerse, and prepare himself for the deed he was about to commit.  I think its safe to say that this person was really a Sick Puppy.
Whoever released this photo to the press will probably lose his or her job. Do you think this is the same guy as the photos above?

Vegas Shooter Filmed Himself During Slaughter, May Have Left A Note; Suicide Photo Emerges
(10-03-2017, 06:53 PM)WarBicycle Wrote: [ -> ]Whoever released this photo to the press will probably lose his or her job. Do you think this is the same guy as the photos above?

Vegas Shooter Filmed Himself During Slaughter, May Have Left A Note; Suicide Photo Emerges

My guess is that all this stuff will come out eventually. From what I can tell, he may well want everyone to know all about why he did this. So why be secretive, once it is already done?

Even the dumbest Media Whore will not be able to blame the Right for any of this carnage. 'Course they'll get all the mileage they can. Spiteful
And speaking about 'mileage', has anybody noticed that the Whores still have not reported that our evil White shooter was an avid Anti-Trump Leftist? I wonder how much longer they will take before they are finally forced to admit that he was one of their boys, and on his side?
OK John, I changed "liberal" to "libertine."
The anti-Trump part is still being vetted. Many internet photos showing him demonstrating are fake.
(10-05-2017, 12:04 AM)Ron Lambert Wrote: [ -> ]OK John, I changed "liberal" to "libertine."

Libertine means  "To be devoid of most moral or sexual restraint."  Now I know that many Leftists/Progressives are also 'libertine', but many are not.  Why can't you just call them what they really are?  Or better yet, just call them "Regressives", which is quite accurate.

Or is this a 'contrarian' issue?
It's hard to pin them down. The one thing that the Leftists do is band together in spite of their individual issues in order to gain power that they can share. They are often diametrically opposed to each other, but still vote in a bloc in order to gain a piece of a platform.

"Clinton Crime Family" correctly names many of them, but remember the "wink and nod." They accept the need to lie and deceive to score points. Their followers know that what they may say may be necessary to win popular support - but has nothing to do with their real motives or issues. It's hard to stick a name badge on an ephemeral object or a moving target.
This is interesting. Bruce Paddock has a younger brother who is wanted by the authorities.

Estranged brother of Las Vegas gunman is wanted by police after he skipped court over a vandalism charge

My best guess is that everyone remotely related, or associated, with the shooter is going to get a thorough anal exam, and shown to the public. Shock
It has already been reported that Paddock's father was a notorious bank robber, who was once on the top 12 most wanted list.

John, you may crusade for proper nomenclature all you want, but you know that more than 99% of the English-speaking world uses the word "liberal" for political leftists. Anywhere but here, I have to use the word liberal in order to be understood. Your insistence on the classic meaning of liberal is about two centuries out of date. Your continued contending for this cause is a bit Quixotish. I will humor you with your preference, though, as I usually have been doing. That one usage got by me accidentally back on Oct. 3.
Canada uses liberal to describe Liberals, leftist are regarded as rabble-rousers, Antifa, Black Block etc.
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