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Full Version: Las Vegas Mass Murderer
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I take pride in understanding words and their meanings. I don't use "Liberal" to describe people like John because that would be a defacto slam that most people would only read one way. I also am aware that the Left has used words as a weapon, and has created traps and disinformation that is hard to defeat, but must be opposed. The problem is, that all those think tanks, focus groups, and media collusions have assigned meaning to words that confound and disinform. My using "Liberal" the correct way would be incorrect.

To get to meaning without long discourse that makes people tune out, we must use words that have not been contaminated that will be understood. The only thing that using misused words correctly does is signal to like-minded readers that we are in the right and don't care to reach more than those who are already sitting at the smart guys' table in the back of the lunch room, while all the pretty people sit in the front, making fun of the dismal wannabes.

We're right, they're wrong - but you don't beat them by using their rules. Don't use compromised words correctly, use other ones that get the thought across without spreading more confusion. "Noise" in the system.

Also, don't get upset that our words have been taken away from us - just use the smarter tactic and strategy to reclaim them by winning the debate, so that the debate splashes over to better explain those stolen words.

As to the Paddock family, it is truly a mess, and explains much by being what it is. Papa Hemingway's suicide was followed by much heartache and suicide attempts by his celebrity children. I don't know if Muriel was so fragile out of grief or some genetic trait, but trouble always seems to follow trouble.
This entire situation and its aftermath is without question one monumental Chinese fire-drill.  Information only comes out through the digging, and scraping of extra-legal sources, which can lead to almost anything.  And the Whore media seems to go out of its way to pretend that this is not worthy of close scrutiny.  Thank heavens for politically conservative sites.

And note that the late night folks have been strangely silent over all this so far.  It will be interesting to see what they say come Monday, Columbus Day, when Antifa will be out creating havoc over the Evil Indian killer, Christo Colombo.

But out of all this, my respect for Dr. Sebastian Gorka just keeps increasing by leaps and bounds.  This fellow is head and shoulders above the crowd that I am going to be following him as much as possible.  Here is a very good article from Brietbart where he states the obvious.  Too bad the Dumbass cowards and wimps in the GOP may well fold like a limp foreskin, which would not surprise me at all.   S24

Gorka: Democrats Will ‘Have a Field Day’ with Gun Control If Bump Stocks Are Outlawed

He makes good points, but this is what has me most intrigued:

Quote:Gorka advised carefully watching the CBS News interview with Eric Paddock, brother of gunman Stephen Paddock. He called it “the most peculiar interview in modern televised history,” a “systematic 33-minute whitewashing of a mass murderer.”

“Talking about how he’s just a normal guy, how much he loved his girlfriend, this is the kind of tender individual he was – watch the way he speaks. Watch his body language. A body language expert has already analyzed it with a very, very pejorative analysis of whether this man was telling the truth,” said Gorka.

“At the end of the day, do you know what the weirdest thing is? We know nothing of this man’s politics. How is that possible?” he asked.

Addressing repeated claims by the Islamic State that Stephen Paddock was a convert to Islam and one of its “soldiers,” Gorka noted that “never in the history of mankind – never – has an upstanding citizen on Monday decided on Tuesday to kill 59 people.”

“It happens over time. This is a process, whether it’s a psychotic break, or whether it is the process of radicalization into a terrorist group – be it secular, be it right-wing, left-wing, jihadi,” he elaborated. “This takes time. It takes months, sometimes years. The idea there were no indicators from within his family, from within his associates, from within the people he sat down and played poker with, is absolutely out of the question.”

“The fact that, to this day, we have no reports of people who saw something and thought it was suspicious, that can tell us which direction he went in – whether it’s political, psychological, or religious – it just stinks to high heaven,” he said.

The brother of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock speaks for a second time
Ann Coulter isn't happy about this either.

Ann Coulter: Media 'Strangely Reluctant' To Pursue Details On Las Vegas Gunman
Right Angle - The Vegas Shooting Aftermath: Human Reptiles - 10/04/17
Right Angle - The Vegas Shooting: Can We Stop This? - 10/05/17
This former combat veteran and FBI agent is convinced that this entire operation was just as ISIS has claimed.

Guandolo Moment: Facts That Point to Jihad in Vegas.
Here's another thought. If Paddock was the lone shooter up there, why were two windows knocked out? Either window had good visual sighting of the target area.

And even more importantly, why did he have more than one bullet proof vest in the room? In this CNN report, at the end of the report, they mention that there were these vests present at the scene.

Quote:Investigators also found "survival gear" in Paddock's room, including bulletproof vests, and a breathing apparatus, the sources said.
Here's a pure conjectural idea:

How about Paddock being a patsy, and being set up? How hard would it be for someone to jump out a window with a ram-air chute the same color as the Mandalay windows?
(10-11-2017, 11:55 AM)WmLambert Wrote: [ -> ]Here's a pure conjectural idea:

How about Paddock being a patsy, and being set up? How hard would it be for someone to jump out a window with a ram-air chute the same color as the Mandalay windows?

Somebody would have seen that, even in the night. But there is one thing that the other, or others, could have used. These suites almost certainly have a special food/used dishes elevator. I've seen them before, and it is more than wide enough to allow someone to move up and down the elevator chute. This could be a perfect means of escape. Once the person reaches the lower floors, that person could exit the elevator and casually walk out of the area.
Having been in on the full renovation of the Excalabur (another MGM Casino, like Mandalay Bay, in which we did some minor renovations), I can tell you exactly how it is constructed. We took it down to the concrete before building it back up. It is hard to see anything thirty stories up at night with the reflective windows. Jumping out a window would be hard to spot, unless a camera is locked on the right spot. A chute wouldn't open until out of the spotlights illuminating the window wall. At night it may be a toss-up whether it would be seen. There is plenty of dark desert landscape that such a flier could disappear into. There are also freight elevators and stairs that are at the ends of wings rather than elevators at the intersections the guests use. The suite used for the shooting was near the end of a wing. I never saw dumbwaiters at the Excalibur, but am not sure of Mandalay.

[Image: fourseasons180degreestripviewsuitefloorplan_500.gif] [Image: las-vegas-shooting-mandalay-bay-hotel-oc...d-1548.jpg]

[Image: mandalaysbs0001-56a43d475f9b58b7d0d5fbf2.JPG]

First alert.
Could this just be a coincidence, or perhaps something else?

Las Vegas massacre survivor dies abruptly after posting her detailed eyewitness account of multiple shooters on Facebook

Las Vegas Massacre Survivor Dies After Posting About Multiple Shooters On FaceBook Shocking!
There have been several witnesses, and casualties, who have sworn that there were at least two shooters at the Las Vagas massacre.  Law enforcement has stated for the record that there was only one shooter.  But strangely they are not really believed by a high percentage of those taking interest in the shooting.  

Here is an expert forensic acoustic analyst, who presents the science, showing that there were definitely two shooters, and he locates the position of the second shooter by his professional skill.  

This is twenty-nine minutes, but a Must See video, and it will change your opinion of whether or not there were more than one person involved with this killing. My guess is that there was a group involved, which brings up the likely prospect of a professional terrorist ring.

Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter in the Las Vegas massacre
That's a very intelligent analysis, but there is a problem. The size of the space in which the crowd was listening to the show is not only at the "epicenter" where the forensic acoustic analyst based his two circles attack distances. According to my math, shots hitting the pavement at the far edge of the target area would fall within the .5-sec parameter, but shots closer to the Mandalay Bay would fall within the .3-sec. lag time.

The trick is to associate where each shot coordinates with the sound track. Epicenter means nothing.

For instance, a cell phone at one place would record high-pitched pavement ricochets and the low-pitched rifle report, but the cell phone might not be where the bullets hit. There are probably some recordings of the bullet sounds as the shooter walked the bullets up and down the targeted area.The far more cogent argument made is the quantity of shell casings recovered. There must be enough brass to equal all the recorded shots - or else there was a second shooter somewhere.
Holy Cow! Is this just a coincidence, or perhaps a correlation?

Another Las Vegas Survivor, Who Claimed There Were Multiple Gunmen, Found Dead

Danny Contreras, a Las Vegas shooting survivor who claimed there were multiple gunmen involved in the attack, has been found murdered with multiple gunshot wounds

Quote:Another eyewitness in the Las Vegas shooting massacre, who reported being chased by two gunmen has been found murdered in an vacant house with multiple gunshot wounds.

When Clark County Fire Department emergency personnel entered the vacant home, they found Danny Contreras on the floor with at least one gunshot wound and requested the Metropolitan Police Department’s homicide unit, Lt. Dan McGrath said. Police later said the man had been shot in the upper torso several times.

Danny Contreras tweeted the day after the attacks that he was “lucky to be alive” after he was “chased by two gunmen“. His social media post from his Twitter account (which has now been mysteriously been suspended), that was shared several times said:

“Feeling lcky to be alive. cant beleive i got out of concert alive! 2 men chasing me with guns. not evry 1 so lcky.”
They're adding up. Coincidence,...or correlation?

Las Vegas shooting: California couple that survived attack die in car crash

[Image: mXpLITUe?format=jpg&name=600x314]
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