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Full Version: The Qatar Rift
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Wow!  This is Amazing.  I haven't been following this all that closely, but from what I have read of the latest CNN article, the rift between Qatar and the other Gulf states have been around for some time.  And Apparently the main ingredient has been of sponsorship of Islamic terrorism.  And here I was thinking the Saudis were the heavies in all this.  

Here's the article I mentioned: Middle East freezes out Qatar: What you need to know.

[Image: _96353114_qatar_row_map_624_v2.jpg]

Quote:Qatari nationals are now officially on notice to leave neighboring countries within two weeks after an unprecedented diplomatic freeze of the nation by key allies and neighbors.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and the Maldives said that from Tuesday they are indefinitely severing ties with Qatar --- a country of nearly 2.3 million people, mostly foreign workers.

Those inside the country are stockpiling food and contemplating what life might look like under diplomatic isolation -- an almost imaginable predicament for a wealthy country, yet one that relies almost solely on imported food.

Qatar has said the justification for the freeze -- allegations that it supports terrorism and destabilizes the region -- are "unjustified" and "baseless."

Here's what you need to know to get up to speed:

What's changed?

-- Saudi Arabia has severed all land, sea and air links with Qatar, and the UAE has closed its airports and harbors to Qatari flights and shipping.
-- Etihad, Emirates, Fly Dubai and Gulf Air have halted all flights in and out of Doha, the Qatari capital. Qatar Airways says it's halting flights to Saudi Arabia.
-- Qatari diplomats have been given notice to leave their foreign posts.
-- Qatari citizens have been told they have 14 days to leave Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE, and those countries also banned their own citizens from entering Qatar.

So what's behind it?

It's complicated.

Gulf allies have repeatedly criticized Qatar for alleged support of the Muslim Brotherhood, a nearly 100-year-old Islamist group considered a terrorist organization by Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The UAE accused Qatar of "funding and hosting" the group in its statement announcing the severance of ties.

However, analysts say the rift is also driven by the belief that Qatar is too closely aligned with Iran.

Saudi Arabia and Iran are at odds over a number of regional issues, including Iran's nuclear program and what Saudis see as Tehran's growing influence in the kingdom's sphere of influence -- especially in Syria, Lebanon and neighboring Yemen.

Qatar and Iran share the largest underwater natural gas field in the world. But recent Gulf reports have charged the relationship goes beyond resource management, accusing Qatari officials of meeting with the head of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps.

There's more at the link, and I recommend you read it, because this thing has some serious consequences.  The question of food alone is monumental.  And the effect on Qatar's state airline, which is one of the largest in the world, will be in serious trouble, since they are not allowed to cross Saudi and other allies' air spaces.   Shock

Oh, now this $110B arms deal Trump made with the Saudis has far more depth to it than was first thought.
Here's the BBC's analysis of this crisis: Qatar diplomatic crisis: What you need to know.  This and the one above should get you oriented with the basics.  But there is certainly much more.  

Take the Israeli angle to all this.  For those who have been following my posts for some time now, and not just skimming, I have been reporting that Israel and the Saudis have been working full time together behind closed doors.  To the point where they have been as thick as thieves.  Well, heres some more information on the SA/Israeli connection:

Quote:Op-Ed: Why the Saudi-Qatar rift could actually be about … Israel

-Saudi Arabia and Israel have been cooperating seriously since at least 2013.
-The Saudis cut off Qatar just days after demanding it stop funding Hamas.
-Hurting Hamas helps Israel the most.

Definitely a Must Read, because this is about to completely change the political landscape in that area, with Israel becoming closely allied with the Arab states surrounding it.  

I suspect there will be much more here than just the tug of war with Iran.  I have also posted the fact that Israel has been seriously training and equipping the Kurds, Yazidis, and Christian Arab refugees.  I suspect this has been with the under the counter approval from the Saudis, where they may also form a solid buffer between Erdogan's future plans for Islamic leadership in the area.   There are lots of possibilities here, and this reminds me of something that only the Russians have been good at doing.  S5

Gosh, there are so many possibilities here.   Spiteful

But one thing stands out here, over and above everything else. Who's the central figure in all of this? If you say, that Sorry, No Good, Loud mouthed, totally incompetent, lying, cheating, etc, etc, Donald Trump, YOU WIN!!.

Here are a few things that could come from all this. This could mean the demise of Hamas. Also, the destruction of ISIS would be much quicker. 3. Israel's official recognition and alliance with its neighbors would almost certainly be fact. Oh, and almost certainly a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

And who will get the Lion's share of the credit? Take a guess Patrick? Spiteful
This has nothing to do with "Islamic terrorism" the world is currently suffering from. Most these Islamic states run by Sunnis are behind these Sunni terror groups fighting Shiite led states in that region and a few are assisting them globally.

It has to do with Qatar's support of Iran and the Muslim brotherhood which is not the chosen representative for Islamic movements by Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the major players over there. Qatar shares a huge off shore natural gas field with Iran and due to that play both sides against the middle.

The Muslim brotherhood angle also is the logic behind Qatar assisting HAMAS. The rest of them dislike HAMAS due to this.

Saudi Arabia is by far the most egregious/effective supporter of Sunni terrorist movements globally, they just have their own Wahhabi organizations to teach Islamic violence as opposed to the old Egyptian based Muslim brotherhood who they are at odds with.

This would be like you getting excited because a few East European states had a tiff with the Mensheviks compared to the Bolsheviks in 1950. The Saudi version of Islam is way more violent than Egypt's fundy version is.

Note also that the USA has NOT acted and has a large naval base in Qatar. A little odd isn't it? Turkey is siding with Qatar, so Erdogan might be making a money move there and he is a HAMAS supporter bigtime.

This article is a reasonable view , IMO. I still think the Iranian angle is huge here( including the nexus with Hezzbollah), but, this is an intra Sunni anti HAMAS move that may actually place pressure on Israel to deal honestly with the PA and make a deal in the WB and EJ. IF that were to happen, I'd give Trump tremendous credit.

But, this tiff has nothing to do with traditional Sunni terrorism as we understand it, IMO.

I doubt anyone with us in the region is unhappy:
Interesting article, John. It says that Obama pushed the Saudis into Israel's arms with his stupid Iran Deal. A billion and a half unmarked bills that is already laundered and can go to terrorists was just too much to endure.
Yea, Saudi Arabians sure do despise Sunni Muslim terrorism against infidels.

If it weren't for them, there would be no terrorism. How many of the 9-11 bombers were Saudis? 15 of 19?

Flynn had a plan, but, American government types prefer our good allies in Mecca:

Turkey to send troops to Qatar. Guess the "Trump inspired" tough guy stance of our wahhabi allies just got given the bird:
Yes, presenting the rift with Qatar as move against terrorism is laughable.

In short Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are supported by Qatar and indirectly by Iran through an alliance of non agression and a common alliance against Israel.
The alliance against Israel is only a de facto one. Not one that have been decided upon politicaly. There is no alliance between Hamas and Hezbullah. The two groups just decided not to fight each other for the fight against the Zionist Entity. As part of the deal, Hamas recieve some funds from Iran.

I don't think Israel plays a central role here, neither as an actor nor as a motive but it's part of the equation.

It doesn't mean there is an alliance between the Saoudis and Israel. Here too it's a de facto alliance. We will see if this alliance holds when Saudi Arabia will take control of Hamas.

Because Hamas won't disapear. No. The Hamas is too useful for 3 reasons:
1/ Presure Israel to your interrest
2/ Supporting the Islamist ideology
3/ Counter Iran (or Saudi Arabia in the case of Iran)

IMO the Saudis want to control Hamas and possibly the MB too.

It's interresting that Turkey sides with Qatar, as they have a military base there.

Erdogan seizes the occasion to increase his influence in the region.

It's interresting because it should make him at odds with his anti-Assad, anti-Iran position on Syria. But they don't care. Cross alliances are frequent in the arabo-persic world.

And Pakistan is not indifferent.

We have all the ingredients ready for a massive war between all these countries. Fortunately they have too much money and too much of arab mentality to go at war with organised armies.
They will continue their grey funding of various terrorist organisations to play chess.

If Hamas falls out of Qatar's influence it's like them loosing the queen.
It will squeeze HAMAS. It will squeeze the brotherhood. Egypt will like that and I don't blame them.

Iran won't be harmed seriously.

I wish Iran or Turkey/Egypt( or in a pact) could take over Saudi Arabia, if you can get out of your "American Empire" lenses and see the world in a neutral way, Saudi Arabia and the alliance with the USA is creating the worst or the worst on earth right now.

Only an American who cannot see beyond what's best short term for Uncle Sam cannot see how dangerous the Saudi evangelization of Islam is becoming. It's bad for us as well, but, we're more immune to the damages than almost all other people on earth except South Americans.

Almost all the 911 bombers were Saudis and still, this doesn't mean anything to American patriots.

If we felt the results of our ways more often like we did on 911 we'd stop them.
Agree. But don't think that Iran/Egypt/Turkey are not going their own way with islamic evangelisation. (coranisation to be exact).
Saudis Arabaia is the worse. But the problem is not this country in particular. The problem is Islam.
80% of 9/11 terrorists were saudis but 100% of them were muslim. Islam is worse than Saudis.
You erase SA from the map you still have one billion poeple observing the saudi religion.

The religion was not like it is becoming until the 1990s. All this terror trash is not how it was until the 1990s. Go search for Kabul photos 1960. Search for Egyptian photos 1950. Iran 1960, etc. Girls in skirts and swimsuits.
The Wahhabi bastards have evangelized Islam into the dark ages and the United States has made it possible. Our( Russian and western) role in creating chaos in their lands has lifted the ultra religious nuts to the forefront.

Right now, there is no more cruel and dangerous nation than the one I pay taxes to simply because of our alliance with these cruel mindless bastards. I wish the USA would disappear from global affairs tonight, everyone would be safer.

Big deal if Turkey or Iran ran a caliphate, they have as much right as Christians do to have their version of Rome.

BTW, I hope Russia is arming their allies with MANPADS.
Iran is one of the most islamized country and the first to have been officialy islamized. You also believe the US helped Iran into islamization? No, of course.
the US didn't help Saudis islamized the world. It was just closing their eyes on it. That's all.

But islamisation is not the product of one or two countries. It's active in every muslim country in the world. Saudis are not the only ones funding it. Maybe they give the biggest amount of money, but the will to islamize is shared by every muslim nations.
Officially, Qatar and SA send funds to the nuts. Unofficially, of course independent radicals do so. You didn't take time to do those searches. The proof is right before your eyes. If it were not for the USA, Saudi Arabia's Imams would have no influence outside Saudi Arabia, they never did until 1990.

Looks like Pakistan may be about to become a Chinese asset. Qatar could offer them the bases we currently use. I will be surprised if China seeks global hegemony like we have done, but, I can see them seeking regional hegemony. I'm wondering what exactly the author of this article thinks we should do about this?

We're on a trip wire with a war with Russia as we speak due to Trump's conduct the last 3 weeks, Russia has allowed how anything flying in Syria is now their target if it is not them or Syria.
[Image: mrz061717-color_5_orig.jpg]
Ugh! That is one ugly Marilyn.
Agree with that!


Iran is Islamist, but, qualitatively way better than the Sunni jihadists exploding bombs all over the region, including your continent. Those are 100% Sunni jihadists, not Iranian radicalized Shiites.

A Jew or a Christian can and does live in Iran right now. Has for millennia. Radical Sunnis will not tolerate that.

Sure, Iran is not a big party, but, it is simply not like ISIS.

Iran is the big daddy of what I would call the Shiite awakening. Since they lost a big fight in Najaf, Iraq 1500 years ago, they accepted their status as "baby brothers" to Sunni leadership. That day is over. That's why Hezzbollah exists now and didn't pre 1979.

Shiites are going to assert themselves against the Sunni at all points they can. It's an intra Islamic war we do not want part of. We're taking part because the USA cannot tolerate someone other than the USA ruling the mid east and you get to tag along.

You're paying for it over there whether you know it or not, not us. That's why you Europeans should tell Americans to F off, it isn't like 1950 anymore. Now, we're causing headaches.
(06-18-2017, 04:59 PM)Fredledingue Wrote: [ -> ]Iran is one of the most islamized country and the first to have been officialy islamized. You also believe the US helped Iran into islamization? No, of course.
the US didn't help Saudis islamized the world. It was just closing their eyes on it. That's all.

I don't think it was complete eye closing, it was more the kind of bleary eyed thing you get when you hit snooze in the morning.  You know you have to get up and deal with things ... but why not catch a few zzzs with your eyes  maybe a quarter open?  The Obama approach was total eyes wide shut.  They knew EXACTLY what Iran represented ... but chose an illusion that they thought might last a few years ... and then it would be someone else's problem.  The devil is in the time line.  Obamacare blew up well ahead of schedule.  And Iran will likely have it's first nuke test and warhead by the end of 2018.  On that score, at least they got the "somebody else's problem" right.
Trump has kept Obama's Iran deal, that's a strong signal since he railed on it as a corrupt deal for Iran. No one is going to make war on Iran.
I have long suspected that one of the big problems with the Obama policies regarding Iran was the fact that his senior advisor, Valerie Jarret, was born in Iran.

Fox News reports this:
Quote:President Barack Obama's former top White House adviser Valerie Jarrett is moving in with him and will help with an "insurgency" against President Donald Trump, according to a new report.

The Daily Mail reports that the Obama team is setting up shop at the posh $5.3 million mansion in the Kalorama section of D.C., referring to it as a "nerve center."
Why do you suspect Trump is keeping the deal? Maybe his daughter is secretly half Iranian and half Baluchi?
Where's Fred's thread on the destruction of the Mosul mosque?

There's a video in this URL showing it being destroyed:
(06-29-2017, 05:39 PM)Palladin Wrote: [ -> ]Where's Fred's thread on the destruction of the Mosul mosque?

There's a video in this URL showing it being destroyed:

Its in the Militant Islam And The War On Terror section. I just posted on that thread.

Do you know how to use the "Search" button?
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