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Full Version: Nigel Farage, UKIP and EU Membership
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I believe it is past time that Nigel Farage had a thread of his own. I got this impression, just now after having been pointed to this four day old Telegraph article: Ukip has thrown British politics into the most marvellous chaos.

What is going to be important are the upcoming by elections coming up this week, and it will be interesting to see how many council seats suddenly open up to the Libertarian minded Ukipers.

Quote:Next week’s poll will engage 18 million voters, with 2,400 council seats at stake, the majority spread across south-eastern and western England. When these same seats were last up for grabs in 2009, Ukip contested just under a quarter. Next week, it will fight 1,700 seats – nearly three quarters, giving it something close to a national presence.

Admittedly, the near insurmountable difficulty faced by all insurgent parties in a first-past-the-post electoral system means that the number of seats won by Ukip will almost certainly be counted in tens rather than hundreds.

Nevertheless, the party’s impact is likely to be significant. This is because any rise in the Ukip vote will have a devastating effect on the Tories. Bear in mind that 2009, when the council elections were last contested, was a high point for the Conservative opposition. Now they face the inevitable unpopularity of government. Most experts estimate that the Conservatives could lose between 200 and 500 seats next week. I would not be surprised if, thanks to Ukip, they lost up to 850 – half the number of seats secured last time.

Nor is that all. Eyes will then quickly turn to the European elections in June 2014, which Ukip is likely to win outright, relegating the Conservative Party to third or, conceivably, fourth place. Coming less than a year before the 2015 general election, such an outcome could easily cause disarray in Tory ranks, and even precipitate an attempt to unseat David Cameron as leader.

I've heard more than one well known commentator comment that we are witnessing the rise of Libertarianism in the US. But I contend that we are not the only country showing this. Ukip is almost certainly one more Libertarian party on the rise.

How far it goes is yet to be seen, but it is clearly on its way to major party status. And that is why I am creating a separate thread.

Special Request: when you find a video of Farage castigating an EU bureaucrat, please copy it over here onto this thread so as to have a single location. Thanks.

I suspect this thread will only grow larger over time, with a lot of 'play-by-play' videos showing Nigel Farage at his finest. S5

Quote:Britain's ruling Conservatives derided the rival UK Independence Party as a "collection of clowns" on Sunday as they tried to stop supporters switching to the surging anti-European Union movement in local elections this week.

Cameron seems to be a tiny bit nervous... S6

Perhaps the reason is
Quote:The one constant in the media coverage of the local elections in the UK (being held on 2 May), is that the big winners will be Ukip, the Euroscpetic party headed by Nigel Farage, a party once denounced as being at the jokier end of the political spectrum, but who still managed to outclass the Labour Party in the European Parliament elections in 2009, and who now have their sites on the ruling Conservatives; as the public mood shifts towards an increasingly anti-EU rhetoric, where even the supposedly pro-Europe Prime minister, David Cameron, has promised a referendum on membership of the Union, Ukip feels its time has come
Isn't it so telling, within any political system, for the Old Bulls to resort to denigration whenever they realize they are threatened. Facts are unimportant, especially when those facts support the other side.
And here is the very sort of thing that Ukip is fighting. No wonder they are doing so well, even locally.

I really do like that "EUSSR" descriptor.
This is really quite interesting, don't you know. This reminds me of what the Dumbasses would be doing were they suddenly forced to confront another party on their right. Perhaps they will have a chance to expose themselves, sooner rather than later.

And what the honourable MP fails to mention is not that Ukip is against everything. They are against loss of sovereignty, loss of Liberties, and loss of individuality, rather than become just another cookie cutter stamped piece of sweetened dough.

The volume is a bit low to this video, but quite informative.

Obviously Nigel Farage is playing this hand quite well, and will reap the benefits from it. S5

And here's a pretty good roundup of what is going on.
(04-29-2013, 08:52 AM)John L Wrote: [ -> ]This is really quite interesting, don't you know. This reminds me of what the Dumbasses would be doing were they suddenly forced to confront another party on their right. ...

This happens to be the exact reason why we are watching this show... otherwise, just why should we can about local elections in the UK at all?

Hopefully, Paul/Cruz/Lee are paying attention too.
(04-29-2013, 11:58 AM)mv Wrote: [ -> ]

Did you read the Boris Johnson article that was linked in the above article?
[Image: slide_294739_2394736_free.jpg?1367325623895]

[Image: slide_294739_2395025_free.jpg?1367327429461]

[Image: slide_294739_2394792_free.jpg?1367326057024]
More power to the UKIP! They sound like the British equivalent of our Tea Party.
It seems that the Tory attack on UKIP paid off in a big way: S13

UKIP surge to 22% of vote in latest ComRes Poll
(04-30-2013, 04:17 PM)Ron Lambert Wrote: [ -> ]More power to the UKIP! They sound like the British equivalent of our Tea Party.

Thank G-d, NO.

Firstly, they are a real party now, I'm not sure just what "Tea Party" is.

And secondly, let's be careful with "Tea Party": it is a soup, full of rotten apples, and not necessarily worth anything but disdain. Consider "Tea Party darlings": we have Toomey waging anti-gun war; we have Ryan that came out pedophilic last week; we have Rubio with his amnesty effort etc.

Yes, there are some "Tea Party"-labeled individuals worth of respect, but few and the respect is due to their actions, not "Tea Party affiliation".
Quote:Ukip have made their first gain of the night – Filton ward in Gloucestershire, the Hope not Hate blog reports. Ukip polled 338, Lab 233, Ind 185, Cons 151.
Quote:Ukip have made their second gain of the night – Gainsborough Hill (West Lindsey), reports the Hope not hate blog.

BEAVER, J.W 36.5 % (428)
UK Independence Party Up 10.1% GAIN
TINKER, M. 30.1 % (352)
Liberal Democrat Down 11.2%
WITHERS, M 17 % (199)
Labour Up 7.8%
BUTROID, R.D 16.4 % (192)
Conservative Down 6.7%
Electorate: 6830
Turnout: 1171 (17%)
[Image: _67407491_projected_national_share_3.gif]
I was just going through Anthony Watt's WUWT site and came across his post on the UKIP outcome. Granted it is taken from a global warming skeptic's POV, but he has quite a few links to articles that cover the UK elections and also some Euro articles, which are well worth mentioning: Newsbytes: Climate Sceptics Win Rocks Britain’s Political Landscape.

And it really does appear to be rocking the UK landscape too. And this one is my favorite one, which pretty much covers the spectrum: UKIP 'clowns' have last laugh: Anti-Europe party's surge as PM forced to eat his words. And while their actual gain in number of seats is not a major factor, their sudden emergence and voting percentage is. No wonder Nigel Farage is so happy, and David Cameron is back peddling so swiftly.

But this is a serious victory for UK Libertarians and what that stands for, including a more anti-green stance. It is going to be worth paying attention in the future just to see how the Tories react to all this. Because clearly they are pushed up against the wall, and they know it.

One other thing too. There is another article, by Victor Davis Hanson, which talks about the irrelevance of the Islamic Middle East, and mostly due to their ever loosening stranglehold on energy. If UKIP manages to cause a realignment of pro-fracking, pro-drilling Brits, and even Euros, this could also make a major change in how everyone looks at the world of Islam.

And as for Israel, with their newfound bonanza in natural gas and oil, look for Euroland to start cozying up to those evil Joooos, which could help break a stranglehold on Russian natural gas.

Build a Giant Fence indeed!