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Full Version: The world of 2038
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Not likely, every area that has changed hands is to a state with a dying population, including Mexico's. They stopped having kids last decade.

If changes like this happen, it will be where populations are growing. Asians, Arabs are the only growth group I am aware of.
This was for fun only and I have no idea about the source of the map.

Mexico, however, still has TFR above the replacement levels (2.25), plus lots of Mexicans already in the US...
Its by an artist named Jay Simons, and its over at a most appropriate site named Deviant Art. He has a lot of other maps, which have occupied his time and kept him off the streets, where he could have gotten into trouble.

In fact he is now heading up the US operations for Atlassian(and he has created an awful lot of atlases). My favorite Ashkenasi babe interviews him here.
He is high if he thinks the UK will rule or run an empire.