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Full Version: Kaplan on World Anarchy
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Cannot figure out which of the current threads is suitable, but Kaplan is always worth checking.

BTW, I cannot understand what happened to War Nerd... it seems he left the paywall outfit and his Twitter account went dark too.
I agree with everything he said (save one or two details).

I like the mix of urbanisation and Islamism. Islamism is still moreless pallatable in a remote, far-from-civilisation country side where poeple survive with a mudhouse, two cows and a goat.
But when you have 10 million poeple living in a hyper-poluted city or 85 million packed along a river, then Islam is the peat of terror and horror.

Muslim states and Africa never had, never had the possibility to have and never tried to have, decent educational and medical networks.
Not only they consider these as completely useless: What's important is to follow the Coran, but booming population made sure that these facilites were always overwhelmed.

The source of anarchy is tribalism. When they lack something, they don't think the nation or the population needs someting, they think that their tribe should have it, not the others.

Islam since it's a religion of Jihad hammers the last nail on the coffin. Radical Islam and War. And nothing else.
No law, no governement. Only chaos and charia.

Islamism is visibly the most underdeveloping factor today. Where Islamism takes power, economy, institutions, moral and safety degrade very quickely.
Civilisation retreats: It becomes more and more difficult to drive a car, have electricity, go shopping, assume we can buy food every day, enjoy running water, medecine etc...
Newest Kaplan: Why Is China Really Provoking Its Neighbors?

I think Kaplan is wrong this time. His explanation of Chinese assertiveness is that it is for domestic consumption, but there is another one: probe for weaknesses. The US's pattern is to retreat given enough pressure.... and some surrounding countries may seek accommodation with China seeing US' weakness.... notice the Taiwanese behavior lately.
"Let's see what we can take" attitude?