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Full Version: Serbian national hero to be honored
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[Image: Princip_Gavrilo_grafit.jpg]

Serbia’s government is commissioning a statue to honor...

Guess or click on the link if you cannot....

Donno what to say here....
I know some used to tell me at the Serb café website that Princip was part of the black hand and that it was not a good group of people.
"Black Hand" -- name of a terrorist group (e.g. secret society of officers of the Serbian Army) , needs capitals. S6
God bless Serbia. I think the EU might have a hard time reprogramming them and removing any sense of nationalism (such as putting up a statue of Princip). Also, Serbia is right after the US for firearms ownership. Expect that to create a ruckus because if anything, Serbs love their firearms.

Serbia strong!