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Full Version: The Greatest Threat To World Peace Is........................
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...........Take a wild guess. S5

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Quote: The past year witnessed bloodshed in Syria and Iraq, turmoil in Egypt, anarchy in Central Africa, threats by a nuclear-armed North Korea and Chinese military posturing, but as 2013 ends a global poll finds that the country seen as representing the greatest threat to peace today is ... the United States.

Not only did the U.S. top the list with an aggregate of 24 percent, but the runner-up threat country, Pakistan, was way behind at eight percent. China was third at six percent, followed by North Korea, Iran and Israel at five percent each.

The survey of opinions across 65 countries by pollster Win/Gallup International recorded some of the strongest anti-American sentiment, predictably, in countries widely regarded as rivals, led by Russia (where 54 percent of respondents said the U.S. was the greatest threat to peace) and China (49 percent).

But the view that the U.S. poses the greatest threat to peace was also strongly held in some purported U.S. allies – such as NATO partners Greece and Turkey (45 percent each), and Pakistan (44 percent), which is also a top recipient of U.S. aid.
Well, fantastic news! We finally got Geeks and Turkeys in sync!
It's nothing new.
The US has involved themselves in almost all conflicts in the World for almost a century.

Poeple who lose their house because they can't pay their mortgage or lose their governement job because the govenement can't pay the mortgage too, also tend to hate the US. Or Germany.

Just curious why Chinese think so...
They think this because it's true. That doesn't mean every time we use violence we're wrong, but, there is no people group as quick to use killing as the Americans. That's been true for quite some time.

Part of that is our ability to do it w/o major negative repercussions. Part is our willingness to kill folks to get our way, good or bad.

I wish we'd just mind our own business and our business is not in other continents.
After what Junior did in Iraq, it's difficult to think otherwise.
Really, go back to the first international force the US used in Cuba, 1898. Spanish-American War.

We "freed" Cuba from Spain and took Puerto Rico and the Philippine Islands for our own colonies. Then in the next 50 years, we killed 1 million Philipinos to hold them as our colony.

Our WWI role was morally repugnant because neither side was a danger to the USA at all. For Americans, that was simple murderous activity.

Our WWII role was good on balance although the WWI after math is widely viewed as assisting the rise of Hitler.

Cold war efforts strategically were fine, IMO.

Post cold war I think we've just been bullies largely with no moral standing to do anything except respond to al qaeda's attack.

I will say this, the role of the US Navy EX active combat roles has been positive for most everyone, freedom of the seas thing.