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Full Version: The end of history Ends
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This cabbage patch strategy is simply nothing more than the old Soviet policy of "Two steps forward, one step back". Anyone, who fought the Cold War, knows the drill. But MacDaddy is just an "ich bin ein beginner", totally unable to appreciate this.

There's nothing new here, unless you're new on the scene. And apparently those in this admin, who do see this, are afraid to give him the bad news, as an earlier article discusses.
Well, the peaceful period after the USSR disintegrated was bound to be over sometime. And now it is very clearly over. The world is back to the modern version of 19th century alliances, treaty making and power struggles. Why would anyone think that human nature had changed and that one could ignore history ("the end of history" theory). The players are different but the struggle is the same.

There is a chance the US will wake up (post Obama?) but not Europe. The action is in Asia.
I don't like such article/blog where the author pretends to describe the Titans'fight for wolrd domination while most of it is the fruit of his imagination.

He speaks in terms of geographic domination, of alliances, gains and strategy. But ti doesn't happen like this.

The Eurasian Union is not military domination. And the US is not losing any supremacy in the former USSR region of Central Asia because they never had.
The US never had any power on 90% of the planet. It only seems to have so. Or expected to be the dominant superpower whereever a situation occures.
Russia signs an agrement with a poor, economical small former USSR nation and it's like the US is losing a strategic partner and Obama is giving up on the interrests of the nation.

And Ukraine staying in Russia's zone of influence is more a statu quo than a deafening defeate for the EU.
Fact is it would be big step for the EU reach and humiliating for Russia should Putin take it personaly, but nobody is losing or winning anything as nothing of importance happened. Ukraine was always under Russian influence.

China is turning on a radar on a tiny Island and ask airplane to identify themselves and some bloggers react as if it was DEFCON2 already.
6 month ago Chinese declaration that they will increase their fleet size triggered similar panic, fortunately limited to the blogosphere.

The Iran Deal, depicted asa if the Mullahs were now able to build nukes as their please. IMO it will be a final pretext, when Iran will breach it, to bomb the sites.


No! All these nations are making business. They don;t invade other countries, they take over markets.
Head of states are traders on the behalf of their main industries. They invest x billion and expect y billion in return in the Aid Package bazaar.
That's the way it work and they way they think.

Maybe Putin still feel very vaguely a sens of pride of getting former soviet states back with Russia, but that's good as long as it's profitable.

That's why the military occupation of Iraq yeilded no result: It's not the way to do business anymore, it's obsolete, it has no influence anymore.
I see some good news in that report.

For example: " — For the first time, 52 percent believe the U.S. should “mind its own business internationally.”

— Some 51 percent said the U.S. does too much in helping solve world problems."

We are finally getting back to the thinking we once had when the country was young. And this is encouraging too. Thank you Ron Paul for your contribution to the country. S22

[Image: 1787FugioCent.453.jpg]
A mixed bag indeed but I wonder about this statement:

Quote: a stunning rejection of President Obama’s foreign policy just four years after he received the Nobel Prize.

While the Pauls' goal is to make the US independent, goatie's goal has been to make it weak....
China is becoming very aggressive. We're either going to have a naval war even if by accident or just stop with the international blue water thing cause it looks like China is determined to see us cowed.

I don't believe in our global cop thing anymore, but, for those who do, question. Should we accept combat or leave?

We would need to act in this era as their naval power will rival our's in a decade, IMO, unless we destroy their navy at sea. A confrontation has to happen if we're going to continue the robo cop thing.
Palladin, I offer you, the US, to do this:
Now China has 3 trillion of foreign currency reserves and gold they don't know what to do with while the US has 17 trillion of debt.
Stop being the cop of the earth and let the Chinese do it.
In a decade the situation will reverse: The Chinese will be 3 trillion in debt and you will have 17 trillion of yuans in your foreign reserves.

I mean have you seen an economic advantage (not even talking about other advantages) of being the strongest at sea, air and earth?

I'd like to see us stop this, but, we have gained due to it. Maybe it's now turned into a negative, it was a plus for quite sometime.

Only God knows the sales of military EQ we've made that Sweden or France couldn't because we have such authority that helps us sell stuff. How many of our "allies" bought Boeing instead of Airbus due to foreign policy concerns? Lots. You could go on and on with this one.

The global currency reserve status of the dollar is a huge help as well.

Yes, we're bankrupt now, but, that's not something that had to happen. We've just tolerated it.