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Full Version: New economic block?
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In Africa of all places....

East African trade bloc approves monetary union deal.

The most intriguing quote is
Quote:Landlocked Uganda and Kenya have discovered oil....

And just who is the sonofabitch that landlocked Kenya? Gah
Typical journalist, not understanding how to use English properly. The genius reporter forgot to insert a coma, separating Uganda and Kenya.
Everybody's copying the EU.

...Could we claim copyrights they would refinance the PIIGS. S5
(12-01-2013, 05:59 PM)Fredledingue Wrote: [ -> ]Everybody's copying the EU.

...Could we claim copyrights they would refinance the PIIGS. S5

Nothing works better than the sweet smell of Failure. S6
"East Africa forms EU style bloc, ends up back where it started".

There is a headline for you.
Actually the EU analogy is a faulty one.

Europe was a decent place before EU... otoh, at least four out of five East African participants are in a state of a civil war or close to it or had one serious conflict recently. (Tanzania may be an exception). Perhaps uniting them would yield peace?

[Image: Flying%2BPig.jpg]
I don't think it was: Africa is a shithole to begin with, and by implementing an EU style bloc, it'll likely end up as it was to begin with because it's a shithole and implementing policies that are failing elsewhere.

As for the civil war or conflict bit, eh, it's Africa.
Yes, I don't think rebelions, civil wars or tribal slaughters are an issue for them.