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Full Version: Something's Up
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Quote:Man charged in alleged attempt to bring explosives onto plane

A man who was born in Iran, but switched his birth name for an Italian one, has been charged in connection with an alleged attempt to bring explosive material onto a plane.

Antony Piazza, as he is now known, faces three charges over an incident that paralyzed Montreal’s main airport for several hours and caused a neighbourhood to be shut down.

This guy was carrying everything need to make a bomb, only the explosive material was missing. Over the past several months flight crews have reported what they thought were several dry hyjacking runs on aircraft by Muslims.
Strange story.. 71 years old? not the usual age for suicide bombers... further, is he an Iranian or not?... more importantly, is he a Shia (asaik never yet found involved in such activities) or a Sunni ("True" Iranians are usually Shia, but there are Sunni minorities)... While "House Hang" sounds Chinese it is a valid Iranian name, making Shia more probable! .. and finally, drug conviction implies not a typical Ismalist....

I thus strongly doubt he is a part of any dry run (unless there is a new Geriatric Queer Islamist group)... perhaps small-scale mafia?
Quote:Police found bullets, wires, some kind of powder and a lighter concealed in the extendable handle of his carry-on suitcase.

I have no doubts this was a trial run to test the security in place at all airports.
Obviously a suicide bombers grandpa checking the security system.