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Full Version: Fun And Games In Sochi
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I really hate to say this, but I just looked up Sochi, Russia, on the Google map, and my first thought was, "What in the hell are the Russians thinking here, hosting the Winter 2014 Olympics right there? Its right near the border of Georgia, located on the Black Sea, at the foot of the South Caucasus Mountains, and smack dab next door to all the Islamic kooks out to make a statement against Uncle Vladimir Vladimirovich as well.

I realize the topography is great, but what in hell are the Russians thinking here? Terrorists are going to be climbing out of the woodwork, just to show the world the glory, and power, of the Official Religion of Peace.

And here is the opening 'trailer' for more to come: Russian Bus Blown Up by Female Suicide Bomber. And yesterday I posted the dash cam, showing the female bomber blowing herself up in a crowded bus, in former Stalingrad.

This is one Huge Cluster-Foxtrot just waiting to happen. We will need to keep this thread around for next winter, when all the fun and games are due to take place in sweet little Scochi............just in case. S18
Georgia is not a problem here, Chechnya is. Yes, something may happen... and the trouble may come from either the Chechen Islamists, or the Western Pederasts...
Three bombs, two self-detonated via suicide, in the last four days, and Russia is in danger of losing control of the upcoming winter olympics.

Rush-hour blast kills 14 on trolley bus in Volgograd, Russia; 3rd deadly attack in four days

Those pesky Muslims just don't seem to be able to 'get it' do they? Poor Uncle Vladimir Vladimirovich, is going to be supremely challenged on this one. But not to worry. He has issued new security measures, guaranteed to solve the problem.
Here is the question I wonder about: we can probably assume that all the attacks come from the same group (and then most likely Umarov's)... we can also assume a linkage with the Games... now, if they are willing to spend assets so far in advance of the Olympics, do they have something, perhaps bigger, prepared for it too?

As for the security measures.. yawn.
Totally offtopic.... among all the recent Russian scifi I've been reading (there is a lot more of it than one can read in a lifetime, and even skipping all the hard scifi and fantasy I cannot keep up)... anyway, there is a series of novels called "The Last Empire" that presumes a military coup by young officers circa year 2000 and then paints the resulting global political history. The author calls it an anti-utopia but it is not obvious it is really anti-, the Junta is too sympathetically shown.... ok, back to the subject: the Chechen solution in the novel is to surround Chechnya by a cordon with orders to shoot on sight and then drop a bioweapon. The virus does escape and wipes out a couple of Russian towns, but the Chechen problem is 90%+ resolved.

A more practical form of the fence someone advocated here....
I bet the Russian security agencies are loving this -- it gives them an excuse to go and clean house....
It may allow a new paradigm on how to treat, fix, and repair one's country in the face of broken borders. Other countries can't help but to watch and see how the Russian response works - both short term and long term.
In this case borders are not the main factor: the Chechen threat is internal. And I doubt that Russian security agencies are happy now, Putin may be unable to root out the perps but he is quite capable of punishing under-performing officials instead.

Russia rounds up dozens as suicide blasts heighten fears ahead of Olympics.

Random arrests it seems... I cannot see any benefit in such in averting immediate threats from professional underground, it is more of "we are doing something" panic.
Hmmm, I'm surprised a little bit. I thought you know.

"While the media has concentrated on the threat such groups pose to February’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, no scrutiny has been given to a warning issued by Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan back in August when he told Vladimir Putin that Saudi Arabia would activate the Chechen terrorist groups it controls to target Russia if Moscow refused to abandon its support for Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad."
Hey BH, where's Green? We have been missing you two.

Welcome Back.
Hey BH, welcome back.

I do not believe the Saudi connection here: Saudis are currently trying to be very friendly to Russia and paying for Russian armaments supplied to Egypt... wrong time to backstab.

The US (or UK) being behind this is however a possibility. Not certainty.
(12-31-2013, 12:47 PM)mv Wrote: [ -> ]Hey BH, welcome back.

I do not believe the Saudi connection here: Saudis are currently trying to be very friendly to Russia and paying for Russian armaments supplied to Egypt... wrong time to backstab.

The US (or UK) being behind this is however a possibility. Not certainty.

I agree here with Micheal.

Quote:“I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics next year,” Bandar allegedly stated, adding, “The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us.”

Sounds more like macho 'wanna-be' chest beating, if true. Most likely not true though.
Saudis controlling the Chechens? -- Definitely not true, nobody ever controlled ALL Chechens.
Hi everyone!
I can't say I'm back, cause I was on forum "read-only". There were no interesting topics to discuss for me.
I know opinions of most participants, there were no dramatic changings.
About subject.
1. Not Chechens, but Daghestanians. Sometime they use Slavs.
2. I don't know who is paying. I think Soudi Arabia. If they pay - they order.
3. I'm not sure Bandar can be consecutive
This time Putin will make an example out of Chechnya, they're in for a long cold winter.
(12-31-2013, 06:23 PM)WarBicycle Wrote: [ -> ]This time Putin will make an example out of Chechnya, they're in for a long cold winter.

Wait! I thought they already made an example out of Chechnya. You know, Russian style. S6

[Image: russia-chechnya-grozny-war-ru102563.jpg]

[Image: grozny__chechnya____by_chewolf-d360bx8.jpg]

[Image: c895d3bace58.jpg]

[Image: destroyed_building_in_grozny__by_chewolf-d363ifg.jpg]

[Image: parliament_building___grozny_by_chewolf-d363j2k.jpg]
(12-30-2013, 08:24 PM)Gunnen4u Wrote: [ -> ]I bet the Russian security agencies are loving this -- it gives them an excuse to go and clean house....

How? It's next to impossible to get much intelligence. The locals don't trust Putin's posse at all. It's probably a lot easier to 'tolerate' people that occasionally turn themselves into human bombs over folks that lay waste to entire regions (see John's pics). If it was all simply about rounding up the "usual suspects", they'd probably all be in shallow graves by now. What an irony ... Carter pretty much cancelled attendance of an Olympics that was probably 100% secure. To make nice, Jug Head will likely order our athletes and promote our citizens to travel to their deaths. ... I wonder how he'll spin that one?
What is really interesting is the techniques the Russians use on their enemies, and even the enemies living in their own territory. Western military goes in and does as little damage as possible. The only really serious destruction is where infantry squads knock holes in the building walls, so as to move from one part of the complex to another. Its all inside the building.

Of course, everyone makes the occasional exception with large calibre guns, but not often, because its so precise. All that is so 21st century, don't you know.

Now Russians,....................they are still stuck waaaaay back there. When they go in, its like a herd of elephants going through a wheat field. LOL! There is absolutely noting subtle about them is there? Its so much more fun just to level everything possible, and then go in and rebuild at their leisure. So, if their military is stuck in the 18th century, then so is their approach to conquest.

I'm always stuck with all those Battle of Berlin photos in my head from growing up. What a Buggerin' Mess! And this is no lie. When my parents and I took a trip through East Berlin, on a tour bus, in 1964, there were still blocks in downtown East Berlin which were still piled high with rubble from WWII's battle at the end of the war. I kid you not. It was amazing to see all that rubble, and West Berlin so built up and modern, and right across the wall. S18
Sure scorched earth ... but that's not how they are approaching security at Sochi. To do a "forbidden zone" properly, they should have bulldozed the entire region first. Now Putin is falling into the trap of Obama style drones and "technology will keep us all safe" false security. What they need is ground level intelligence and a population willing to report "suspicious behavior" to the authorities. But I wouldn't hold my breath for that. The 'authorities' don't have a particularly good track record. He's an ex-KGB guy who prefers the boot over the carrot. Putin is much smarter than our President, but they seem to share the same arrogance and willingness to overlook 'hazards' when it comes to their landmark 'legacy' projects. Frankly, I wouldn't be caught dead at this winter Olympics ... but I'm afraid many others might be. S4

... I hope they're smart enough to be stocking up on whatever antidote is used for fentanyl gas.
Battle of Berlin is hardly a relevant example.... and bulldozing the entire region at this point is not conductive to having the Olympics, so yes, good old style police work.

And it is not relevant if Putin is smarter than Obama or not... it is simply that it is impossible to keep the Islamists fully under control without a full-fledged police state OR a genocide of particular Islamic nations... and Putin cannot do either. Keep in mind that modern Russia is much freer than the SovUnion in terms of passport control, and even SovUnion could not fully prevent terrorist attacks.

Smart boy Georgie, btw, opined that the reason terrorists chose to strike now is probably because they felt that Putin penetrated their organization and it is now or never..... I wonder where he is getting this crap.... but if there is no attack during the Olympics, he will be vindicated.
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